Hidden Home Office

When you downsize from a two-story house to a ranch without a guest room, you need to come up with new ways to create functional spaces.

The problem – I had no place to work, print coupons or keep important papers.

The solution – turn a corner of our ridiculously big master closet into a makeshift office.


The first step was to clear out some un-used clothes. I had an entire section of clothes I hadn’t worn in months since I left my job. Grocery store trips, school drop-off and days at the Beach don’t really call for pencil skirts and suits.

I didn’t want to get rid of everything because I’ll likely need them again some day and many pieces can be repurposed into different types of outfits. But there was plenty that I was never going to wear again and probably hadn’t worn in the last year I was working anyway.

So a lot of it got packed up for Goodwill. The rest was moved to another part of the closet.


Oddly enough we already had a table in the closet because when we moved in we frankly had no idea where to put it. So that became the desk.

I moved a few large baskets full of linens and pillows into the laundry room where they will be more accessible for hosting guests anyway, and moved my embarrassingly large handbag collection off the floor and onto the top shelf. They’re happier there.



And bam! A clean and tidy place for the printer, some notebooks and pencils and my laptop. And a shelf underneath to stash printer paper, my planner, paper-cutter (for coupons) and more notebooks. (I kind of have a notebook problem.. on top of my handbag problem.)

And to make it more cozy I added the large canvas photo and a few more bits of character.

Yes, it’s still a small space in a closet. But it’s cute, tidy and keeps all this stuff from cluttering the kitchen and living room. #winning!

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