Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary.. unless you want it to be.. bwahahahahahah. (Did that sound creepy in your head? It did in mine.)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love fall weather, my birthday is in October, I love scary movies.. what’s not to love?! So I get excited when it’s time to indulge in candy, costumes and classic horror films. Exorcist is my all time favorite movie. What’s yours?

Another thing I love about Halloween is getting the kids involved in decorating. Partly because I want them to love it like I do, but also crafting and making it fun hopefully takes any of the creepiness out of it since they’re still a little young for really ghoulish stuff.

Here’s a few DIY projects inspired by Pinterest of course. You can check out my Frugal Florida Mom Pinterest DIY Halloween board for these ideas and a ton more.

Mason Jar Mummies


These mason jar mummies are super easy and the kids love helping to make them.

1- You simply wrap the mason jars in gauze, leaving gaps here and there to make them look like mummies.

2- Then glue on jiggly eyeballs.


Then place battery-powered tee light candles inside to make them look like they’re glowing. They look awesome on the mantle, as a table centerpiece or in the kids’ room.

When we made these, I already had the jars and candles so it cost just a few dollars to buy the gauze (which can be found at any pharmacy and many grocery stores) and the jiggly eyeballs (found at any craft store).

Here’s the original post we worked from for the mason jar mummies.

Crayon Drip Pumpkins


I don’t have a photo of ours, but we’ve done this crayon melting pumpkin decoration for several years and everyone loves it. This photo (above) and the original tutorial is courtesy of

It’s pretty simple and you can do it a couple different ways. I usually hold an unwrapped crayon over the pumpkin and heat it with a lighter, letting the wax drip onto and down the sides of the pumpkin. Obviously the kids can’t participate while doing it that way. You have to be very careful.

CraftyMorning suggests glueing several crayons onto the top of the pumpkin and using a hair dryer to heat them, causing the wax to run down the sides. Either way, it creates a pretty cool and colorful result.

Boo-tiful Door Hanger


I can’t remember where I got the idea for this ‘Boo’ door hanger. Possibly Pinterest or a Michaels ad. It makes a bold statement, it’s easy to see from the street, and it was pretty easy to make.

1- I bought all the items from Michaels. That included the three wooden letters and spray paint to paint the letters black. It took a couple of coats to cover them solidly.

2- I also bought a bundle of raffia string and cut two sections to tie the letters together, and a longer piece to create the loop used to hand it on the door.

3- I also found the awesome ribbon with witches boots at Michaels and handmade the bow, tying it to the raffia.

You could change this up in so many cool ways, using different colors or patterns on the letters and whatever ribbon you like.

Lego Movie DIY Costumes


Whenever possible, I love to make the kids’ Halloween costumes instead of buying them. One year we went with a Lego Movie theme, with a Wyld Style costume for my daughter and my son was Emmet. I made both of these with inspiration from these tutorials: Wyld StyleEmmet. The kids loved them and they were pretty cheap to make.

Wyld Style

1- For Wyld Style, I bought a black hoodie and black leggings from Goodwill for just a few dollars.

2- I bought pink and blue duct tape, which was also inexpensive.

3- Then all it took was patiently cutting and applying the duct tape in certain patterns.


1- And for Emmet, again I bought the base clothing from Goodwill for very cheap, including orange sweatpants and an orange t-shirt. We already had the blue button up to go underneath.

2- After more cutting and applying duct tape in the design of a constructions worker’s shirt, his costume was nearly finished.

3- My husband made the name tag out of cardboard and construction paper.

4- And to finish it off I bought the red hard hat on Amazon for about $10.

To cap off the theme my husband dressed up as President Business, also from the Lego Movie. But I will save him the embarrassment and leave out that photo. 🙂

Check out these other awesome ideas that I’ve also done. You can see my version of these in this post.

Milk jug ghosts


Aluminum can ghosts

aluminum can ghosts.jpg

Paper roll bats

paper roll bat.png

Painted pumpkin bucket planters

pumpkin bucket planters.jpg

Yarn spider webs

yarn spider webs.jpg

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