I’m not big into buying expensive art. I mean, I LIKE expensive art, but can’t buy it. But I do love my family and taking pictures, and that’s really all you need to make a beautiful and personal art wall.

When creating an art wall I like to anchor it with painting or framed art. I use art I’ve acquired over the years, usually on store clearance or at yard sales. Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls also have crazy good prices on unique art.

In this art wall (below) I anchored it with a painting my husband and I got while in St Thomas on our second honeymoon. It was painted by a local artist, and for a really good price they shipped it to us a few weeks later. We picked it partly because the striking blues are so beautiful, which is also why I chose it to anchor this art wall in our family room.


I put the painting in a large silver frame I bought years ago at a yard sale for about five bucks.


Depending on how much wall space I have to work with, I prefer to surround the main art piece with symmetrical groups of smaller frames.


For these I use personal photos. A few are from our wedding, a few are stunning photos my husband took with his GoPro camera while on vacation at the beach. Now that we live near the beach, it works perfectly with our decor and lifestyle. The other photos are simple, cherished snapshots.


In my dining room (seen below) I went with the same formula, a painting in the middle and personal photos on the sides.


For these photos I chose to go with a theme because the color scheme worked well. The photos were taken by my sister, an amazing photographer, when my husband and I renewed our vows on our 10th anniversary.


And sometimes, when the space is smaller, I forego the art piece altogether and let a strong personal photo be the anchor (seen below).


The best part is these wall collages are super cheap. It takes just a few dollars to print photos at Walgreens or Walmart and most of the frames I use, I’ve had for years and I just keep repurposing them. So however you like to arrange them, use your most precious blessings – your family- to create some awesome art!

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