My Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest

My Inner Self: “Of course I can make a three-tier cake expertly covered in fondant and adorned with fondant flowers and a giant, perfect Hello Kitty face for my baby girl’s birthday.”

My Real Self: Um, no. You  can’t. Proof:

2015-08-27 23.10.08.jpg

It bore no resemblance whatsoever to the inspiration cake I pinned.

2015-08-27 23.26.50.jpg

So instead, baby girl got a two tier cake slathered in pink icing and sprinkles with a Hello Kitty candle on top.

2015-08-28 20.54.18.jpg

You may have noticed the glass of vodka tonic sitting behind it. I was driven to it. Obviously.

But you know what? She absolutely loved the final, icing slathered result.

2015-08-29 18.42.07-2.jpg

I love Pinterest. I mean really LOVE. I use it constantly for cooking, crafting and just browsing all the pretty things. And Pinterest loves me too. It loves me so much that it tells me I’m wonderful and smart and great at everything I try, including fondant cakes, upside down french braids and vintage fabric button necklaces. But you know what, it’s not always right. I often fall on my face (metaphorically.. most of the time).

But like the birthday cake, most things aren’t a total loss. Fort that same birthday I decided to ditch the cupcakes I usually send for the birthday celebration at school in lieu of chocolate dipped rice crispy treat pops. They didn’t turn out quite as pretty, but again, she loved them and they looked good enough to send her out into the world with them. So, I’ll call that one a win.


These also didn’t turn out too bad. Lime cilantro chicken and broccoli salad.


And this chocolate chip cookie and brownie bar turned out pretty well, but I hated myself after eating it. It was for my husband’s birthday. I seem to aim pretty high for birthdays.


And a big success was this crock pot chicken taco recipe. It went so well in fact, that it has become a go-to favorite for my family that I make regularly. I think the common denominator among most of my Pinterest successes are ‘easy’ and ‘crock pot’ so I generally include those in my search terms.


But I’ve had many more fails. I don’t take pictures of all of them. Because they’re painful.

But I’ll keep trying and keep succeeding and failing. And keep loving Pinterest. And it will always love me back.

I’d love to hear about – and see – your Pinterest experiences. Just leave a comment below or email me at Tracy@FrugalFloridaMom.com.

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