Moms already have a lot on their ‘plate’ even before it comes to making dinner. Among our other jobs of house cleaner, bus driver, tutor, cheerleader and shopper it’s sometimes hard to also squeeze in master chef.

My secret to culinary sanity is Pinterest. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I love it and use it all the time for meal planning. And one of my regular searches is ‘easy crock-pot recipe.’

As cooking goes, I think crock-pots are the coolest thing since sliced bread. I can throw in the ingredients in the afternoon, pickup the kids from school, take them to their sports activities and come home to a fully cooked dinner.

Here are five of my go-to favorites.

1. This crock-pot chicken tacos recipe is my all time favorite and something I make regularly. The kids even love it. And it makes a lot so there are leftovers for days.

2. This crock-pot cafe’ rio chicken recipe is also awesome. It’s a twist on the regular burrito with a light, fresh taste that’s a lot like something you’d get at Moe’s. It also makes a lot, so plan on leftovers or cut the recipe in half.


3. With this slow cooker broccoli beef recipe, there is no need to order take-out. It tastes like what you’d get at a restaurant but since you make it yourself, you can regulate just how much sodium is in it.


4. The best crock-pot BBQ chicken is really the best! In my house we love all things barbecue and this hits the spot. And it’s versatile. You can just put it on the plate, paired with corn on the cob or other veggies. You can also put it on slider buns with some coleslaw or baked beans on the side.

5. Fall is my favorite season. The air starts to turn colder (except here in south Florida 🙂 ), the leaves start to change and I start craving everything warm and cozy like pumpkin  spiced anything and this easy slow cooker jambalaya recipe. It takes a lot of ingredients so it will expand your grocery bill for the week. But you will have a lot leftover so you can stretch it into a few meals.


You can check out all of these recipes in one place on my Frugal Florida Mom Pinterest crock-pot recipes board.

And I’d love to hear what your favorite crock-pot recipes are. Leave me a comment below.

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