Memory Keepers

I’m a total picture junky. As soon as something happens or I see something beautiful I reach for my phone. So much so, that sometimes I have to force myself to stay in the moment. And I used to print a lot of pictures, carefully placing them in photo albums so I could pull them off the shelf at any time and gaze upon my sweet babies’ faces. But guess what, I never pulled them off the shelf. They only collected dust. And worst of all, it cost a ton of money.

Now I rarely print any photos unless they’re special ones that I want to blow up and frame. Yet I always have all my photos at my fingertips, hundreds, maybe even thousands of them. It’s because there are so many awesome ways now to save and showcase photos on social media – for free- and in digital albums – for cheap-.

Facebook and Instagram are probably the most popular ways to share photos. I’m personally a huge fan of Instagram. Besides my private account, I also have two other public Instagram accounts, @FrugalFloridaMom and @beautiful___today. (Shameless plug coming…) Please follow them!



There are also many other apps that allow people to share and showcase photos. Stellar is a really awesome -FREE – app that lets you turn your photos into beautiful digital books. You can also follow other people with posts on travel, cooking, fashion, etc.


I let my kids use Stellar and they had a blast creating digital stories about their cars and ponies. They took the pics, chose the layouts and typed the captions themselves. 🙂


Chatbooks puts photos in a book that you can actually hold. It pulls directly from your Instagram feed. When you reach 60 posts, a small photo book is automatically compiled and printed with those 60 photos, including captions, locations and dates, and it gets shipped to you for just $8.


I love Chatbooks because there’s a part of me that’s old fashioned and likes to hold the pictures in my hand and the stylish books look great sitting on the coffee table.

You can also order special Chatbooks using any pictures you like. I made a special one for my husband for Valentine’s Day with a Star Wars theme.


I’m also a sucker for saving all of my kids’ school artwork. Before forcing myself to throw them out I had several large stacks of paintings and drawings and puppets spilling out of several drawers. It was hard to let it all go, but what made it a lot easier was the Artkive app. I snapped pictures of the best pieces and uploaded them to the app for safe keeping. From there you can create a book, sort of like what Shutterfly does for photos, but for artwork.


I’ve also used Shutterfly several times. I think it’s become a pretty popular way to create photo books. I used it for my wedding photos, a family reunion and my sister’s 40th birthday. I usually only use it for very special occasions since it’s so pricey. A decent sized book can cost you upwards of $50. But the final product is worth it.


All of these ways I’ve mentioned are great for sharing and stylishly displaying your memories, but to save all my photos in bulk I use Dropbox. I pay $9.99 a month to keep hundreds if not thousands of photos in the cloud, accessible from any device with internet. The best part is you can upload all the photos from your phone through an app, which frees up space on your phone, which can be precious. I constantly delete my photos after they’re uploaded to avoid that dreaded error message you get when you try to take a picture and you’re out of storage space.

These are just a few of my favorite memory keepers. I would love to hear what you use! Leave a comment below or email me at Tracy@FrugalFloridaMom.com.

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