I try to make my family home cooked meals each night with healthy ingredients. But let’s face it, who’s that good ALL the time? Not me. And sometimes you just crave take-out because it tastes so good.

These recipes below are some of my favorites. They give you the same great taste as your favorite restaurant and you can control the cost and the ingredients, which can make it much cheaper and healthier.

This chicken fried rice is the real deal. It’s tastes completely authentic and it’s pretty easy to make. And you can make it more healthy by throwing in whatever veggies you like, or leave out the chicken for a vegetarian option.

This slow cooker broccoli beef tastes just like what my husband always orders at Chinese take-out restaurants, but I can control how much sodium is in it and the crock-pot instructions are extremely easy.

This orange chicken is super easy to make, with only three ingredients in the sauce. And since you’re making it fresh in your own kitchen, you can make sure the chicken comes out super moist and flavorful instead of take-out food that might have been sitting under heat lamps for hours.

I never thought I could pull off a flavor combination like this on my own until I found this recipe for Hawaiian BBQ chicken wraps. The marriage of the barbecue, pineapple and red onions is simply incredible.

I prefer to eat turkey as much as possible, instead of beef so I love a good turkey burger. And this one is great. No need to go to a steakhouse when you can make this balsamic caramelized onion turkey burger on your own. Before I found this recipe I couldn’t have even guessed how to caramelize onions, but the instructions are great and it turned out really well.

This garlic shrimp and sun-dried tomato pasta is simply amazing. It tastes just as good, if not better, than a dish you would order at a fancy Italian restaurant.

Speaking of ordering from an Italian restaurant, this baked parmesan shrimp recipe was inspired by an actual Olive Garden dish and you can tell. It’s so tasty, I use it to impress guests!

You can find all of these recipes and a lot more on my Frugal Florida Mom Pinterest page.

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