When talking about what my kids wanted to be for Halloween, it was a quick decision because they’re currently OBSESSED with Pokemon. But a quick search online showed Pokemon costumes well over $40 and $50. No thanks. I like to make my kids’ costumes anyway. It just seems more fun to me.

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DIY Pokemon Costume For Just $20

One year they were Emmet and Wyld Style from The Lego Movie. This year I set out to transform my son into Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum.

Ash Ketchum DIY Costume


1- The key to the costume is the unique blue shirt/jacket. I started with a basic blue t-shirt from Walmart that cost just $3 and a roll of white duct tape for $3.

2- (As you see below) I taped a line down the front, one line on each side and one line on each shoulder. I also added a line of duct tape all around the bottom hem of the shirt.


3- Then I added the circular shape near the neck, which was a little tricky. You need some patience for that.

4- Then I made V cut-outs at the top and bottom.


5- In addition to the blue shirt/jacket, he’s wearing a black t-shirt underneath (that we already had) and a pair of grey pants (that we already had).

6- I pulled out a pair of old winter gloves (which we no longer need, living in Florida 🙂 ) and cut off the fingertips.

7- I bought the hat from Amazon for $13.50 and we already had the Pikachu plush toy. We used two large safety pins to pin the Pikachu to his shirt and hat, which made it stay in place perfectly without him needing to hold it all the time.

So in total, I spent about $20 on this Ash costume. And most of the money was spent on the hat, which he enjoyed wearing long after Halloween.


Serena DIY Costume

My daughter picked Ash’s sidekick Serena from the Pokemon XY series. I did some searching online for a black top and red skirt just like Serena’s but wasn’t happy with the options or the prices.

1- So I started with the basic pieces from Goodwill including a black tank top for $3 and red skirt for $2.50.


2- For the tank top, the one I found had silver embellishments on it, so I turned it inside out, then sewed on some white felt to create the lapel.


3- I left the red skirt pretty much how it was, sewing it up a little in the back because it was too big.

4- I bought her some black tights at Walmart for $2 and she already had the black shoes.

5- I bought the red hat from Amazon for $10 and I glued the black ribbon and bow on it.

So in total, I spent about $20 on this Serena costume. And most of the money was spent on the hat, which she enjoyed wearing long after Halloween.

Version 2

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