I pin a ton of cool stuff on Pinterest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they all work out. I tend to do things pretty clumsily, which was probably pretty evident from my post on my love hate relationship with Pinterest. So if I can pull something off, that means it’s pretty much foolproof. So here are some foolproof DIY Halloween decorations that turned out pretty well and were a lot of fun to do with the kids.

The photos show my handy work. You can also follow the links to the original inspiration crafts from people who are much better at this than me.

I should also mention that the key to a lot of these was pre-planning, or you could say pre-hoarding. For several weeks we’d been saving lots of stuff that would normally go in the recycling bin like toilet paper and paper towel rolls, milk jugs and aluminum cans. That made the cost of the few remaining supplies pretty cheap.

Paper Roll Bats


These paper roll bats from CraftyMorning.com were my favorite Halloween craft. They’re so easy, so cute and my daughter loved making them with me. This is where all those toilet paper and paper towel rolls came in handy. After saving them for several weeks we had a lot to work with!

1- I changed it up slightly from the original inspiration and glued black card stock all around the roll instead of painting. Painting seemed too messy and I like to keep things as neat as possible. I’m a little OCD.

2- Then we folded down the tops and bottoms of the rolls..

3- Glued on cut-out wings..

4- And put on sticky eyes.


We had quite the assembly line going. I would glue on the card stock and cut out the wings and my daughter did the folding, glued on the wings and stuck on the eyes. We had a great time.


At $3, the eyes were a little bit of a splurge compared to the pack of regular ones I could have gotten for just $1. But I knew my daughter would love them.

Since we already had the rolls and glue, the only other expense was the card stock which was $4 for a big pack at Walmart. So that’s about $7 total for the whole thing!

Yarn Spider Web


A craft that took just a little effort and made a big impact was this yarn spider web from CraftyLumberjacks.com. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and you can make them as big or small as you want.


1- You start by taping several lines of yarn on the wall, starting at a central point.

2- Then weave more strings of yarn in between the original strings in a circular pattern radiating outward from the center.

3- I added a simple spider cut from card stock to the center of the web.

The only expense for this craft was the yarn which I got at Walmart for just $3.


I loved the yarn spider web technique so much, I also used it to create a spider web on my front door using some pieces of white gauze. I paired it with the ‘BOO’ sign that I made the previous year.

Pumpkin Bucket Planters


I also made these cool and super easy pumpkin bucket planters from Drab to Fab for the front porch.

1- All you need is a few pumpkin buckets, which I snagged at Goodwill for 99 cents each, and a can of spray paint, which was my biggest expense of all these crafts, at $6.


2- I sprayed both buckets with a few coats.

3- Then I drilled some holes in the bottom of each bucket for water release and put two mums inside, which I got at Walmart for about $3 each.


I surrounded the planters with a few small pumpkins that my daughter picked out at Walmart for a few dollars to complete the front door decor.

Tip for pumpkin bucket planters: I happened to get one black and one orange pumpkin bucket. The black bucket was much easier to completely cover with the spray paint with fewer coats. The bright orange bucket took a lot more.

Milk Jug Ghosts

Version 2

These milk jug ghosts from TheXerxes.com were super easy and cost zero dollars!


1- I just used a black marker to create different ghost faces on the outside of the jug.

2- Then I dropped a small battery operated light inside each of them. I already had the lights from a project long ago. If you don’t already have some, you can check out the ones I had from Amazon for $7.99.

Tin Can Ghosts


And for more ghost fun, I tried these tin can ghosts from FaithfullyFree.com. I LOVE  how they look hanging outside. And they were super cheap to make.


1- I started by spray painting our saved tin cans white. It took a couple of coats to completely cover them.

2- Then I poked a hole in the bottom of each one with a hammer and nail.


3- Then the fun part, decorating the faces with black marker..

4- And glueing on the flowing bottom, which were strips of white garbage bags.

5- Then I looped some white string through the holes to hang them.

I already had most of the supplies for this craft including the cans, white garbage bags, hot glue gun and black marker. The only expenses were the spray paint, which was just $1 at Walmart, and the ball of string, which cost $2.30. So it cost less than $5 to make several ghosts.

Tip for tin can ghosts: You have to be extra careful handling these cans. I cut myself pretty badly handling one of them. The original post recommends only letting kids help with the drawing of the eyes and mouths. I did all of the steps myself to be extra careful.

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