I recently visited my sister and niece in Houston and they went all out to make us feel at home and show my two young kids a super fun Halloween-themed time. Between the food and the crafts, they thought of everything. Check it out!


Spooky Lunch Spread: Mummy Dogs & Toxic Mac & Cheese


The kids had a blast helping to wrap the mummy dogs. They’re simply hotdogs wrapped in Pillsbury crescent roll dough, then baked for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. And the toxic mac & cheese is just regular mac & cheese with a little green food dye.


The kids also helped out by coloring the place cards which were perched on plastic vampire teeth. So cute!

Devilish Dessert: Skull & Spider Web Cupcakes


And check out these ghoulish green cupcakes with white chocolate skulls and blood-red cupcakes with spiders!


To make the skulls they poured melted white chocolate chips into this silicon ice-cube tray from Family Dollar. And for the cupcakes they used Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. The small $1 bags are meant for making a thin cake layer, and are perfect for making smaller batches of cupcakes.


And these cookies were to die for. They used Halloween cookie cutters for the shapes and free-handed all the decorations!

Creepy Craft: Monster Mash Crispies

Version 2

And what’s better than eating sweet treats? Decorating them first! The kids had a blast decorating these rice crispy monsters.


The supplies included rice rolls (or you can use homemade rice crispies shaped by hand), cake pop stems, meltable chocolate disks, sprinkles and sugar eyeballs (which can all be found at Walmart).


Just put a stick in the rice crispy, dip it in melted chocolate, then dip it into sprinkles for hair, put on the sugar eyeballs and stick in a foam block or put them on a plate to dry.

Tell me your family’s favorite Halloween food or craft in the comments below.

Special thanks to my sister Angie (far right) and niece Hannah (second from the right), pictured here with me and my daughter in Houston.

Version 2

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