Like I said in my last post, Hair-Raising Halloween Weekend, I recently visited my sister and niece in Houston. And I was blown away at how awesome their house was decked out for Halloween. From sinister skulls and creepy candles to boo-tastic bottles, they go all out. Check out some of their DIY crafts, some inspired by Pinterest, some conceived inside their own ingeniously spooky skulls.


You know this is going to be an awesomely decorated house the minute you walk up to the front door. This wreath is all handmade starting with the base wreath from Michaels for about $5. The skeleton was the most expensive component at about $10 at Walmart. But you’ll see soon, that every piece of the skeleton was stretched to make two cool decorations. The awesomely creepy sign and the black flowers were just a few bucks at Family Dollar. And the cowboy hat was picked up somewhere over the years for a few bucks (not hard to find in Texas).


And this is where the rest of that skeleton went. Such a simple idea, sticking it on an existing chest with some creepy looking grey gauze from the dollar store. What do you think, is he trying to crawl in or out?!


These decoupage skulls are my favorite thing in the house. The skulls are from last year’s Halloween clearance at Michaels and they’re covered in tissue paper applied with Mod Podge.


Few things make as big an impact as spooky candles. These $1 each white pillar candles are from Family Dollar. The faces are drawn on using black permanent marker. And the ‘B-O-O’ letters from Michaels are pinned on an existing candelabra.


Even the liquor cabinet gets a ghoulish makeover with these awesome labels printed from the internet.


And some picture frames get a macabre makeover with free online printables.


Literally every where you look is a touch of Halloween, including this smart use of vases and lanterns. The Halloween buildings can be found at lots of dollar stores.

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Special thanks to my sister Angie (far right) and niece Hannah (second from the right), pictured here with me and my daughter in Houston.

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