The thought of sticking my hand into the bowels of a pumpkin to pull out a pound of mushy, slimy, gooey pumpkin guts is not really appealing to me. Bravo to all of you who do it. But for me, it will be painted pumpkins with the tops still on them and the guts securely packed inside. Check out some of these awesome painted pumpkin ideas.


This masterpiece was painted freehand by my niece. It resembles the cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland…


As well as her own cat Callie, who’s a bit of an Instagram star.


She also free-handed this beautiful purple pumpkin, inspired by an Alice in Wonderland quote.

Check out more Halloween food, crafts and decor from my niece and sister here. They’re both crazy creative and talented.


I love these glitter decorated pumpkins from I Heart Nap Time because A) I love all things glittery and B) I love the colors they used. I like using colors not traditionally associated with Halloween. It puts a unique spin on the holiday.


I love this DIY hand-lettered painted pumpkin from By Dawn Nicole also partly because of the colors. I love all things gold and pairing it with black makes it very chic. I also love that this is so simple to do yourself.

I’m a big fan of chevron patterns so I love this chevron pumpkin from Feeling Lovesome. And as she mentions in her post, there are so many color options you could use for this, matching any color theme you have in mind.


I also love the patterns on these pumpkins from Woman’s Day.


You could also ditch the patterns altogether and go for Halloween or fall inspired words or a simple monogram. I love these ideas from The website was selling these personalized vinyl decals, but you could easily freehand these or use stencils.


And the creativity doesn’t have to stop at the painting. Check out this super cool hand painted pumpkin topiary from Lucy Designs Online.


I absolutely love these fall painted pumpkins from PMQ For Two. They’re so pretty and whimsical. Pumpkins like this could absolutely fit into any existing decor depending on the colors you choose. I could never do this myself, but her awesome tutorial almost makes me think I could. 🙂 Even if you don’t try this yourself, you should check out the link!


I couldn’t freehand paint a pretty design to save my life, but I could glue on some pretty fabric like this fabric pumpkin from Plaid Online. Just use some beautiful fabric to fit your decor and Mod Podge to apply it.


You can find all these ideas and more on my Painted Pumpkins Pinterest page.


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