I love Halloween, like really love it. It’s one of my favorite holidays, only a close second behind Christmas. But I also love my kids’ teeth and would rather not see them rot. And let’s face it, the brushing at this age is less than stellar, so those little pearls can use all the protection they can get.

So this year I’m thinking about going candy free for Halloween. And the good news is, I found lots of other cool stuff you can give to your kids and give away to trick-or-treaters that isn’t loaded with sugar.


There are a some food options that aren’t candy. As you can see here, there are a lot of varieties of popcorn packets. You can also find some pretzels in Halloween packaging. This is right up my alley since I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love all things salty. I might be sneaking a few or dozens of these for myself!


Kids will surely love these plastic goodies. I found these bags at Walmart Neighborhood Market for less than $1 each! They have 50 spider rings per bag and cool colored vampire teeth in 12 packs.


And what kid doesn’t like stickers? I know mine do based on all the places I find them sticking! I spotted these cool Halloween themed stickers, including a glow-in-the-dark pack, in the dollar section at Target. You can separate the sheets from the packs and give out one sheet at a time, or you could cut out sections of stickers to make them go even farther.


I also found these Halloween themed magic towels in the dollar section at Target. You drop them in water and they expand into hand towel size.


Our kitchen ‘junk’ drawer is full of pencils that the kids have gotten over the years for holidays and various occasions. We don’t ever need to buy any. And the kids love to pick out their favorite and use it to do their homework. You can get packs of Halloween themed pencils from various stores. I found these $1 packs at Target and Walmart Neighborhood Market.


Another fun thing to give would be these adorable erasers. I spotted these erasers in Halloween shapes like pumpkins, bats and candy in the dollar section at Target.


And glow sticks.. need I say more? All kids love glow sticks and they’ll be fun to use when out late trick-or-treating. And they can be saved and used for months to come. You can find these at just about any store. I spotted these at Target, but I know Walmart and Michaels always has great prices on packs of multiple glow sticks also.

If you have some other ideas on non-candy Halloween treats, I’d loved to hear them. You can tell me in the comments below.

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Happy Halloween!

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