Talk about last-minute! We have a huge fall festival in my neighborhood.. tomorrow.. with trunk-or-treat. So of course I started pulling together some ideas.. last night. And you’ll see the theme in all of these ideas is to use what you have. As Tim Gunn says, “Make it work!”

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Creepy Camping Trip


I think this ‘Creepy Camping Trip’ is my favorite idea so far. The tent I used is actually a smaller beach tent because our regular family sized camping tent would have never fit into the back of the van.

I used the kids’ sleeping bags and lawn chair to fill out the camping vibe. And to add a little Halloween touch, I used two ‘R.I.P.’ plastic decorations that I snagged from Goodwill just a few days ago for $1 each. The black pumpkin garland was made out of a pack of pumpkin cut-outs from the Target dollar section.


And the pièce de résistance is the ‘camp fire.’ I used a large metal bucket we had and rolled up orange, red and yellow construction paper to make the ‘flames.’ I also rolled up some brown construction paper to line the bottom of the bucket to look like logs.

Boo Beach Bash


The ‘Boo Beach Bash’ was the first trunk-or-treat idea I had, partly because.. living in Florida… I knew we had a ton of beach stuff. So the beach chairs, tube, boogie board, sand toys, pretty much everything you see in the photo was already in the garage.

The beige blanket on the floor of the van is made to look like sand and there is a light blue blanket hanging in the back to look like ocean and sky.


I made the sign with the cute ‘Boo!’ banner that I got in the Target dollar section. And that’s supposed to be a ghost in a bikini at the bottom. 🙂

Candy Castle


And talking about using what you have, this idea was made from basically raiding my daughter’s bedroom. We already had all these things to make what I like to call the ‘Candy Castle.’

We’ve had the princess castle for years, as well as the Barbie car complete with Elsa and Ana in the front seat. The cream and peach colored paper pom pons were also hanging in my daughter’s room. I bought a ton of them from Amazon a while ago for pretty cheap.

And the pink Halloween bucket was picked out by my daughter for $1 at Goodwill. Because everything HAS to be pink! 🙂

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