Thanks to everyone who checked out my Trunk-or-Treat tryouts in my last post. I wanted to let you know it was all a big success! I went with the Creepy Campout theme.
And it was just one part of a very successful Fall Social event in my neighborhood. We had a really good turnout of kids and adults. And everyone seemed to have a great time.

I totally stepped outside my comfort zone by taking on something I’d never tried before. I manned the face painting table! I got a great face painting kit from Amazon and some Halloween and Princess stencils that made it super easy. You just put the stencils on the skin like a sticker and paint over it with a small sponge or foam applicator. I think they turned out pretty good and most importantly, the kids loved them.
The other ladies who helped organize also created some really fun activities and games for the kids. My friend Ashley created this Pumpkin Golf game with two boxes made to look like pumpkins with cutouts to putt wiffle balls into.
And my son had a blast playing Ashley’s Pumpkin Bowling game. The ball was a small orange basketball and the pins were 2 liters of orange soda with adorable face decorations drawn on the outside.
And this Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe ‘board’ is so simple and so cute. Ashley used orange tape to make the grid and the Xs and Os are large stones with X and O painted on them. Both of our daughters loved playing this game.
We also had a cookie & cupcake decorating table.
And a guessing game table. People had a chance to guess how many macaroni, pencils, buttons, etc were in each jar. This was fun for kids and adults.
Our great DJ also gave prizes for the best costumes. And my daughter got 2nd place! You can check out my recent post on her DIY Pokemon costume here.
We also had catered food with burgers and hot dogs and a visit from the Kona Ice truck.
Festival made!
It was such a blast! And all of it was created without a lot of money, but tons of creativity and hard work. I hope you get the chance to enjoy a festival this fall.
And Happy Halloween!

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