I love holidays. Who doesn’t, right? But you wanna know a secret? The after-holiday shopping may even thrill me more than the actual holiday. I’m always on the hunt for a bargain. I think I might actually be allergic to paying full price for anything. It makes me itchy.

After Halloween is a great time to score some scary good deals on decor and craft supplies.

Here are a few I’ve found and my guide to not going off the rails. Because I have. Many times.

1- Know Where To Shop

Walmart is where I go to get basic items like these skeletons under $5 each, bags of spider webs under $1 each and strings of ghost lights less than $3. You can also grab some pumpkin garland and bowls for around $1 each.


At Target I know I will always find items that look a little more high-end like these great fabric wrapped pumpkins. The large one was $5 and the small was $3.


Target usually has a great selection of painted and embellished pumpkins too.


2- Don’t Buy Everything

I speak from experience. After-holiday shopping can turn into a sort of feeding frenzy. There is so much to choose from at such low prices and the aisles are packed with bargain hunters. In the past, I’ve swept through each aisle grabbing up everything that looked cute in giddy abandon. But the next time that holiday came around, I pulled all the stuff back out and wondered where in the world I would put it all. And BTW, why did I think I needed 10 tablecloths? I mean, I only have two tables for crying out loud!

I’ve learned to dial it back a bit and choose items that 1A- I love, 2B- I would have bought even if they were full price, and 3 I could visualize a place for them in my home.

For example, after-holiday shopping is great for buying party supplies like holiday-themed plates, napkins, and cups if you know that you will use them next year.


3- Buy Things That Will Make A Big Impact

In the previously mentioned years of after-holiday hoarding, I often picked up small things that I thought were cute. But when I pulled them out the next year to decorate I was underwhelmed. Now I take this money saving opportunity to get large pieces that will have a big impact. And usually, they’re items that I’d been coveting before the holiday but held out for a better price.

Large tombstones, skeletons, lights, and garland are good examples of things that will make a big impact on your holiday decor.


4- Don’t Overlook Opportunities To Get Something That’s Useful Now

There are a few rare cases when you can snag something for a wicked good price that doesn’t go into storage but gets used right away.

For example, my daughter loves a chapter book series about fairies and was tickled pink to get these Walmart costume pieces to dress up with, year ’round.


And these cute pumpkins at Target could easily be used for Thanksgiving decor.


5- Store Stuff Well

Now that you’ve made an awesome haul of great after-holiday bargains, store it well to avoid 1 Forgetting that you even have it, 2 Misplacing it or 3 Pulling it out to find it damaged.

I like to store mine in large Tupperware style containers. Most stores anticipate this need and have the containers for sale right there in the holiday section.

These are the things I’ve learned along the way (the hard way). Hope they help.

Happy bargain hunting!

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