It’s the end of the week, just before grocery shopping day and I’m out of everything. But alas! There are leftovers. Not quite enough to reheat for a full satisfying meal, but just enough to whip into something great.

I often morph leftovers from various meals to make a new meal. It saves money by pushing grocery shopping back another day and it uses food that would otherwise go to waste, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

This recipe combines lovely leftovers from grill night and some fresh veggies to make a mouth-watering twist on the quesadilla. Although I used pork here, you could really use any kind of meat you want, maybe leftover grilled chicken or steak. Or you could go all veggie. The options are limitless.

BBQ Pork Quesadillas

The other day my husband bought some giant pork steaks to grill. It’s a favorite food he had when growing up in the Midwest. The steaks were so huge that we had an entire one leftover. It was already grilled in BBQ sauce and seasonings, so all that work was done.


I immediately thought about a quesadilla because we tend to always have tortilla shells around. With my two young picky eaters, if you hit a wall with dinner they’ll always eat a cheese quesadilla. I’ve whipped up many of them in a pinch. Also, you can make so many variations of the traditional quesadilla. There are endless combinations of meat and veggies and cheese you can fit between two tortillas.

  1. First I put a layer of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on the tortilla. I had part of a bag of the ready-made cheese combo in the fridge from a recent homemade pizza.


2. Next I added the chopped up BBQ pork steak. We had so much of it, it stretched through making two big quesadillas.


3. Then for veggies. First, I added chopped red onions which is a personal favorite of mine and a go-to veggie. I always have some around because I use it in a ton of dishes.


Then I added chopped mushrooms. My husband loves them and we use them a lot. That’s why we had some in the fridge.


Then I sprinkled a little more of the cheese on top to meld it altogether.


And that’s it! Just add the second tortilla on top and flip after a few minutes until each side starts to get golden brown.

And wa-la! BBQ pork steak quesadillas with red onions, mushrooms and cheddar & mozzarella cheese. You could do any combination of meat and veggies you like.

Anything goes!


I’d LOVE to hear about a great dish you came up with from leftovers. Tell me in the comments below.


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