It’s that time of year again! Time for your kids’ Elf on the Shelf to make its appearance in a hilarious way. I hope you have a lot of fun with your Elf. Here’s a few ways we have.


This stinky elf decided to ‘enhance’ some of our family photos. Luckily he put clear scotch tape over the picture frame glass first, so we were able to just peel it off without any damage.


And this mischievous elf got into my wrapping paper and bows. And he apparently got pretty excited about it because we found him hanging from the curtains!


This time he wrote his name, Turkey Lovins, all over our family calendar. We found him in the curtains again, caught red-handed with the dry erase marker.


Our elf is quite the ladies man.. or Barbie man at least.


It looks like he had quite the party this time with lots of the kids’ favorite dolls and stuffed animals.


All that partying apparently made him pretty hungry.. and thirsty. And why is he always on the curtain rods? 🙂


Just hanging around.


Really getting into the holiday spirit.


Taking an ‘Elfi”.. and Elf selfie.


Sometimes he can be super sweet. Like when he left some cupcakes for the kids.

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