Month: December 2016

Frugal Mom’s 5 Tips For After-Christmas Shopping

Since Christmas is just a few days away, it’s time to get ready to snag those crazy good deals in the after-holiday sales. It’s the most joyous time of year!.. When stores¬†practically give their Christmas decor and supplies away and I get to finally snag those things I’ve been ogling on the shelves for weeks.

I buy most of my Christmas decor and supplies after the holiday. In fact, I was taking stock of my Christmas decorations this week in preparation for this post and it was actually hard to find items I had paid full price for before the holiday.

But before you head out to the store the morning after Christmas (which I always do), check out these after-holiday bargain hunting tips that I’ve learned the hard way. (more…)

DIY Christmas Wreaths For Beginners

I always work myself into a frenzy¬†during the holidays. I make a to-do list that is unrealistic in a time frame that is too short and it ends up driving me mad. Case in point, on top of all the other things to juggle around the holidays.. family, gifts, volunteering, baking, cleaning.. this year I decided to add a big project that I’ve never attempted before and frankly had no idea how to do.

If you’ve checked out some of my other posts you know I’m a ‘make it work’ sort of mom who tries to do projects with stuff I already have around the house, in order to save money and avoid waste. Or does that just make me a cheap mom? Hmm.¬†Anyway,¬†this year I got the bright idea to make wreaths for my kids’ teachers.

Let’s just say, there was a lot of trial and error.. (more…)

DIY Hair Bows

My daughter wears a hair bow pretty much every day. They can get really expensive, so¬†I make them myself. It saves a ton of money and I can control which colors and patterns we use. I generally make some for each season and major holiday and I’ve just made several for Christmas. (more…)

Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Being new to Florida.. and loving it.. I wanted to add a little coastal character to my Christmas tree this year. So I bought a few adorable ornaments at a local Fishermen’s Village.

This whimsical little sailboat with a starfish on the sail is my favorite so far. (more…)

Recycled Feast – Free-For-All Veggie Pizza

Unless I’m following a fancy Pinterest recipe, my cooking is usually very basic with fresh, healthy ingredients. And as I explained in my previous Recycled Feast post, Anything Goes Quesadillas, I often morph leftovers from various meals to make a new meal. It saves money by pushing grocery shopping back another day and it uses food that would otherwise go to waste, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

I recently used a drawer full of leftover veggies to make¬†a flavor-packed pizza. (more…)

Just Not Good Enough – My Struggle With Mom Guilt

Sometimes I think Moms have the market cornered on guilt.

When I was juggling being a mom with a demanding, around-the-clock job outside the home I¬†felt¬†guilty for not spending more time with my¬†kids. And I felt guilty about¬†all the things I just didn’t have the time or energy to do. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom I¬†feel guilty that I’m¬†no longer bringing in money for the family. And I will never come close to my vision of a¬†domestic goddess.

And some times all the little guilt voices in my head gang up and the weight of it all feels very heavy. (more…)