Unless I’m following a fancy Pinterest recipe, my cooking is usually very basic with fresh, healthy ingredients. And as I explained in my previous Recycled Feast post, Anything Goes Quesadillas, I often morph leftovers from various meals to make a new meal. It saves money by pushing grocery shopping back another day and it uses food that would otherwise go to waste, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

I recently used a drawer full of leftover veggies to make a flavor-packed pizza.


I already had a few rolls of Pillsbury roll out pizza crust. It was my first time trying it and I will definitely use it again. It was rich and buttery like their biscuits.


I always use a simple can of Walmart tomato sauce for homemade pizzas. It’s super cheap and adds a light flavor, not strong or overpowering like some other sauces.


Then I piled on the veggies. I had lots of great stuff in the fridge:



Brussel sprouts..




Red onions..


Cherry tomatoes..


And a little cilantro..


I wanted to keep it light and fresh with all the veggies, but worried it might need cheese for flavor and to hold it all together, so I put a little mozzarella cheese on half only to try it both ways.


I have to say it was delicious both with and without cheese. So it’s really up to your own tastes.


You can do this with any combination of what you have in your fridge including meat and/or vegetables. You can pretty much put anything on a pizza crust!

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