Being new to Florida.. and loving it.. I wanted to add a little coastal character to my Christmas tree this year. So I bought a few adorable ornaments at a local Fishermen’s Village.

This whimsical little sailboat with a starfish on the sail is my favorite so far.


And check out this little manatee with a Santa hat.


And this angel made from a seashell is just beautiful.


I wanted more and didn’t want to spend a lot more money. I also had a vision of a simple starfish ornament but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own and it was super easy.

I bought a bundle of 6 starfish for $15 at the same Fisherman’s Village. They have them for sale year round. And I already had a roll of jute string at home… so I simply tied the string around one tip with a loop for hanging it on the tree.


And that’s it. A basic but beautiful coastal Christmas ornament. A total of 6 for just $15.


I might even go back and get more to double the count on my tree. Because at that price and that little effort.. why not?


If you love the coastal decor look but don’t live in a place where starfish like this would be available in stores, a quick search shows a ton of options for buying bundles of starfish for not a lot of money. And you can click here for the link to the jute string I used.

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