If you’ve seen some of my other posts you know I love Pinterest. I pin tons of pretty things, but I actually do very few of them. And I’m always looking to make things even faster and easier.. or I don’t have all the supplies and want to make it work with what I already have around.

That’s how this kids’ ornament happened.

I pinned lots of fancy glitter ornaments with a process that was a little more involved.


But for these, I simply sprayed some Elmer’s Spray Adhesive (that I already had) inside empty glass ornaments (that I had leftover from last year).


Then my son and daughter dumped in whatever colors of glitter they liked…


Then I put my finger over the top hole and shook it all around.

For the hanging loop, I used some red and white string which… you probably guessed it… I already had in the craft drawer.

So these ornaments cost me exactly zero dollars.


And this is the end result of my kids’ Christmas glitter ornaments.


You can probably see they added some patterned washi tape around the ornaments. Not necessarily the look I would have chosen, which is hard for me because I am a bit of a perfectionist. But I try to take a deep breath and remember it’s by the kids and for the kids.. so they can make it look any way they like.

And they loved them!

Here are some other cool kids’ Christmas ornaments on Pinterest that I love. (You can find them all on my Frugal Florida Mom Kids’ Christmas Ornaments Pinterest Page.)

Melted crayon ornament from One Cup At A Time:


Santa’s belly ornament from A Crafty B


Tinsel ornament from Practically Functional


Melted snowman ornament from Eyeballs By Day Crafts By Night


Glitter ornament from Amanda Sarver


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