I always work myself into a frenzy leading up to Christmas. I make a to-do list that is unrealistic in a time frame that is too short and it ends up driving me mad.

Case in point, on top of all the other things to juggle around the holidays.. family, gifts, volunteering, baking, cleaning.. one year I decided to add a big project that I had never attempted before and frankly had no idea how to do.

If you’ve checked out some of my other posts you know I’m a ‘make it work’ sort of mom who tries to do projects with stuff I already have around the house, in order to save money and avoid waste. Or does that just make me a cheap mom? Hmm. Anyway, I got the bright idea to make wreaths for my kids’ teachers.

Let’s just say, there was a lot of trial and error..


But I do this not only to torture myself but also for you!

Here’s how I did it.

I hope it helps inspire you, make you laugh or deter you from taking on projects like this. 🙂 Whatever works for you.

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I started by buying wreath frames for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, which meant they cost about $3 apiece. They’re the kind with the handy-dandy twisty wires to help you secure the ribbon or whatever you’re putting on your wreath.


I’ve been hanging on to this gold mesh ribbon (pic on left) for years. The burlap ribbon (pic on right) was a new purchase from Wal-Mart for $8.

Wreath #1


I used the twisty wires to tie down a section of mesh ribbon.


Then I repeated that step all around the inside ring of the wreath, gathering the ribbon in between each twisty wire to make it blossom outward.


Then I repeated that process on the outside ring of the wreath.


 I repeated that process all around the wreath with the burlap ribbon…


Layering it over the gold. You don’t have to tie down the top layer ribbon with every twisty wire, just the ones you choose, in order to get the look you want.

Then I tucked the twisty wires to the back of the wreath.


Then I used a hot glue gun to attach some embellishments including pine cones (which I’ve had for years with my Christmas decor) and gold snowflake ornaments (which I also had).

I also used the hot glue gun to glue some sections of the burlap ribbon together in order to cover up some exposed twisty wire.

Wreath #2


For the second wreath, I started with the exact same process, securing sections of the gold mesh ribbon around the inside and outside rings of the wreath base with the twisty wire.


Then in the same way that I layered the burlap ribbon on the first wreath, I layered on some red mesh ribbon (which I’ve also been holding on to for a project like this).

Then again, I tucked the twisty wires to the back of the wreath to hide them.


I did a third layer with this shiny garland that, you probably guessed, I already had. In years past I’ve wrapped it around green garland on the banister but I decided not to use it this year, so it was perfect for this project.


And to embellish this wreath I used some old ornaments I already had.


And I once again did some hot glue gun touch-ups around the wreath to hide exposed twisty wire.

Finished Wreaths


The finished products. One shiny and one more rustic/traditional.

The only things I purchased were the wreath bases and the burlap ribbon. So in total, both wreaths cost just $14.

It took a lot of trial and error. But overall I was very pleased with how they turned out. And the kids’ teachers loved them!

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