The day after Christmas is the perfect time to snag those crazy good deals in the after-holiday sales. It’s the most joyous time of year!.. When stores practically give their Christmas decor and supplies away and I get to finally snag those things I’ve been ogling on the shelves for weeks.

I buy most of my Christmas decor and supplies after the holiday. In fact, I was taking stock of my Christmas decorations in preparation for this post and it was actually hard to find items I had paid full price for before the holiday.

But before you head out to the store the morning after Christmas (which I always do), check out these after-holiday bargain hunting tips that I’ve learned the hard way.


#1- Know Where To Shop

Walmart is where I go to get basic items. You might check there for:

Christmas trees

Packages of basic Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree lights

Outdoor lights

Rolls of large mesh and burlap ribbon for wreath making

This was part of my after-Christmas haul a few years ago from Wal-Mart. I would have never been able to afford this giant snowman before Christmas but it was ridiculously cheap afterward and my kids love it!

At Target I know I will always find items that look a little more high-end and unique.

That’s where I like to get:

Stylish Christmas tree ornaments

Wrapping paper


Gift tags

Home decor

This was my after-Christmas haul last year from Target. I always snap up tons of wrapping paper and ribbon. Target has such cute, whimsical designs. I also grabbed two of these colorful ornament wreaths for my kids’ rooms.
Christmas wrapping supplies I bought last year at Target.
I love Target’s unique and whimsical decor. I grabbed a couple of these pillows there last year.

Some other stores with high quality, stylish decor and ornaments are:

Hobby Lobby

I found these great bargains at Hobby Lobby even BEFORE Christmas this year!


I’m in love with these gold deer (right). I grab a new one or two every year at Michaels. Over the years I’ve also snagged these shimmering fruit clusters (left) at Michaels. I use them as wreath and garland embellishments.

Pier 1 Imports

From Pier 1 Imports after-Christmas sale a few years ago.


These gold leaves from Martha Stewart are my favorite Christmas tree ornaments. I got them at Macy’s after Christmas a few years ago.


#2- Don’t Buy Everything

I speak from experience. After-holiday shopping can turn into a sort of feeding frenzy. There is so much to choose from at such low prices and the aisles are packed with bargain hunters. In the past, I’ve swept through each aisle grabbing up everything that looked cute in giddy abandon. But the next time that holiday came around, I pulled all the stuff back out and wondered where in the world I would put it all. And BTW, why did I think I needed 10 table runners? I only have two tables.

I’ve learned to dial it back a bit and choose items that:

A- I love

B- I would have bought even if they were full price

C- I could visualize a place for them in my home

After-holiday shopping is great for buying party supplies like holiday-themed plates, napkins, and cups. I used to have a Christmas party every year, so I would always stock up on those party staples the year before when it’s super cheap.

3- Buy Things That Will Make A Big Impact

In the previously mentioned years of after-holiday hoarding, I often picked up small things that I thought were cute. But when I pulled them out the next year to decorate I was underwhelmed at what the previous year’s money had been spent on. Now I take this money-saving opportunity to get large pieces that will have a big impact.

Last year at Wal-Mart I got two small Christmas trees to put in each of my kids’ rooms and a package of ornaments for each one. It’s a splurge I would have never sprung for before Christmas but with the amazing after-holiday prices it was a great opportunity to make my kids super happy. They were so excited to decorate their very own trees this year and they really made a big impact in our home.

I let the kids decorate these trees on their own. Apparently, my daughter thinks old glow necklaces are good ornaments. 😉

#4- Don’t Overlook Opportunities To Get Something That’s Useful Now

There are a few rare cases when you can snag something for a wicked good price that doesn’t go into storage but gets used right away.

I bought two of these wooden stars last year at Target and they have been part of my regular home decor ever since.


#5- Store Stuff Well

Now that you’ve made an awesome haul of great after-holiday bargains, store it well to avoid:

A- Forgetting that you even have it

B- Misplacing it

C- Pulling it out to find it damaged

I like to store mine in large Tupperware style containers. Most stores anticipate this need and have the containers for sale right there in the holiday section.

These are the things I’ve learned along the way (the hard way). Hope they help.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Happy Bargain Hunting!


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