What comes after the Par-tay? Part-B. 🙂

That’s a little joke at our house. I’m sure you’re rolling on the floor with laughter. When you recover, check out these ideas for a New Year’s Eve party with some stuff to keep the kids entertained.

Last year we had some friends over on New Year’s Eve and they happened to have two kids around my kids’ age. So I set out to throw a party that was fun for the adults as well as four kids between the ages of 4 and 7. So of course I turned to Pinterest.

I started with the idea of bags they could open each hour filled with projects and fun activities. Each bag included a tag signaling when they could open them: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. After that it was bedtime for the littlest party goers.

I got this idea and the printable tags from The Dating Divas.


I also printed this banner from Crafting Chicks.


6pm Grab Bag

The first bag the kids opened was filled with craft supplies to make party hats and noisemakers. Because you must make a lot of noise on New Year’s Eve, right?

For this bag, I raided the Dollar Tree for every kind of fun, colorful and noisy craft supply I could find: tinsel, beads, stickers, fuzzy balls, confetti, bells, etc.


To make party hats simply twist large pieces of construction paper into a cone and use tape to keep the shape. Then let the kids decorate it with stickers, ribbon, fuzzy balls, etc.


For noisemakers, you can fill empty water bottles with beads, coins, small bells and/or anything that makes noise. Let the kids fill it with other colorful bits too, like streamers and pipe cleaners. They can use those supplies to decorate the outside as well.

I got the inspiration for these noisemakers from Domestic Charm.

Version 3

Another noisemaker can be made by filling a paper plate with the noisy items, then staple another paper plate on top of it, making a sort of tambourine. Then let the kids decorate the outside with the other craft supplies.

7pm Grab Bag

One of the other bags held graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows to make s’mores in the fire pit we had in the backyard.


8pm Grab Bag

Another bag held a fun game for the kids, a large ball of plastic wrap. Sounds fun, right? Well, this ball had some hidden gems inside like Twizzlers, suckers and chocolate bars.


The kids all sit in a circle while a parent plays music. The first child works to unwrap the plastic wrap from the ball to uncover the hidden treats until the music stops, then they have to pass it to the next child. This continues until the ball is all unwrapped and all the treats have been uncovered.

This idea came from Seminary At Six AM.


9pm Grab Bag

And the final bag contained a bottle of sparkling grape juice, plastic champagne flutes, and sparklers so the kids could celebrate their version of the midnight countdown.


The kids had a great time…


and so did the parents!


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