I had so much fun making Christmas wreaths for my kids’ teachers that I decided to do one that I can put on my front door.

My main motivation for making my own is that buying them from a store is very pricey. This one (below) is my Christmas wreath that I bought at Michaels a few years ago. The only way I could afford it was to buy it in the after-holiday clearance and it was STILL about $30!

So I was happy to discover that I could make a brand new custom wreath that fits my house and my style for less than $30.


Custom Front Door WreathFor Less Than $30.png


I bought all the supplies I needed at Michaels.

1- The wreath frame was $12.99 but I snagged it for half off with a coupon! (Michaels coupons are the best! I literally found one on my phone while standing in the checkout line!)

2- The roll of burlap for the base layer was $6.99.

3- And each of the rolls of accent ribbon was $4.99.

4- Living in Florida, not far from the beach, I already had tons of seashells which I knew I wanted to use as embellishments in the design.

5- Other supplies I already had included scissors..

6- And a hot glue gun (not pictured).


Wreath Frame

This type of wreath frame with the twisty wires makes it really easy. You just use the twisties to secure portions of the burlap and ribbon, making sure to scrunch up the burlap in between twisties so that it looks voluminous and full.

Burlap Base Layer

Start by tieing down the burlap all around the outside ring, then repeat the process around the inside ring.

Accent Ribbon

Then tie down your accent ribbon around the frame, but this time you can go back and forth between the outside and inside rings so it looks like the ribbon is rippling in a wave around the wreath.

Repeat the same process with the second accent ribbon, going in the opposite pattern as the previous ribbon to create an alternating wavy pattern.

Conceal Twist Ties

Next tuck all of the twisty ties to the back of the wreath. At this point it looks a little sloppy because you can see where the twisty ties are, but those will be covered up soon.



Next add your embellishments. I chose seashells because A- that’s the design I was interested in and B- I already had a ton around the house. Look and around and see what you have to use. If you are a teacher, perhaps you use rulers, crayons and a small chalkboard with your name or school name on it. Or if you live in the country use some pine cones or leaves from your yard. The options are limitless.


Attach your embellishments to the burlap and ribbon with a hot glue gun. It’s best to put the embellishments where they would look good with the design AND where they can cover up some gaps or imperfections.

Tip: I like to prop my wreath up against a wall while adding the embellishments so I can see how it will all look while hanging on the door.

Tidying Up

Finally, do a little ‘tidying up’ to hide all other gaps and imperfections.

Tip: I use a hot glue gun to glue some parts of the burlap together. It hides the gaps made by the twist ties and it makes the whole wreath look fuller. It usually just takes a small dot of the hot glue.

Tip: After finishing a wreath I hang it up in my home overnight to make sure everything is secure. If something happens to fall off or come apart, I would rather that happen inside than on my front door. After hanging overnight I’m pretty confident it will hold up for the long haul.

Finished Product

The finished product is perfect for my style and outdoor decor and it cost about $24.



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