I love Valentine’s Day. I’m a girly girl at heart and so is my daughter. We love all things pink and glittery, so it’s a perfect holiday for us. But I’m not a fan of candy and try to limit how much my kids have. That’s why I’m so glad there are so many options for candy free Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.


1. Just Write

This year for my kids’ classmates we made these adorable ‘Just Write’ Valentines from Bits Of Everything. The free printable from BitsOfEverything.com made it SO easy and SO cheap. All I had to buy was the pencils. So in total, I spent just $4 on 36 valentines!


All you need is:

1- Pencils (I got packs of 10 Valentine’s Day themed pencils in the Target dollar spot for just $1 each.)

2- Free printable from Bits Of Everything

3- Scissors

The printable made it so easy. You simply print on card stock and cut out. She even included the lines in the middle of the heart to show you where to cut to insert the pencils. It’s SO easy and SO cute!



2. Make My Heart Glow

A similarly cute and easy idea is this Glow Stick Valentine from The Teacher Wife. She has a great printable you can use on white card stock, which you simply tape to a glow stick. You can get a bunch of glow sticks for a few dollars at tons of stores, making this a super easy and cheap Valentine’s Day gift that kids with love.



3. Our School

Two years ago we made these adorable Goldfish Valentine’s treats for the kids’ classmates. I got the idea from Pinterest, but the original link I used is no longer active. These were super cute and cheap.

All you need is:

1- A pack of clear treat bags, which you can get at any Wal-Mart, Target or dollar store.

2- Markers

3- Bag of Goldfish

I simply drew the fish bowl outline and water line with marker, then wrote the note, ‘I’m glad we’re in the same school!’ on white card stock. Then I cut around the shape and put the card stock and a handful of Goldfish in a clear plastic treat bag with a twist tie.

You can embellish this idea any way you like, perhaps add some Finding Dory stickers to tie it into the movie.



4. Dino-mite Valentine

I absolutely love this DIY Dinosaur Valentine’s Card Craft For Toddlers from The Titan Adventures. The little dinosaurs are so cute and colorful. And it’s so ingeniously easy and doesn’t take a lot of money. And you could customize this idea based on what your child likes and what kind of small figures you can find at the store.



5. Color Me Happy

These Valentine’s Crayons from Northshore Mama are absolutely awesome! I love them because they are cute, easy to do and helps to recycle some old crayons you may have. (We have A LOT.)



6. Potter Perfect

And for all you Harry Potter fans, check out this super cute idea.. a Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch from Western New Yorker. This is SO creative and cute and I love that there’s a bouncy ball inside (which kids LOVE) instead of candy.



7. Easy BIY Valentines (Buy It Yourself)

And if you don’t have the time or patience to fully go the DIY valentine route.. Target’s dollar spot has you covered. I spotted these kits to make cute Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. The box of pony valentines was $3 for 16. The pack of 4 bubble wand valentines were also $3.


8. Treats For Teacher

Classmates aren’t the only ones who should get a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget about the teachers who work so hard!

I love this adorable printable from Happy Money Saver. My PTO group is making these for all 75 teachers at my kids’ school this year. The great thing about it is that it’s customizable. This photo shows candy in the mason jar, but you can easily substitute with non-candy treats like chewing gum or tictacs or fingernail polish. The sky is the limit!



9. Caffeine Creations

I love this ‘Thanks A Latte’ Teacher Gift from Just Add Confetti. Partly because it’s so cute, so easy and you can do so many things with it. You can fill the cup with anything you want.. gift cards, fingernail polish, treats, markers, etc. You can tailor it to what your kids’ teacher likes. And it’s all tied together with the great, free printable from Just Add Confetti.



10. Mugs & Hugs

I also spotted TONS of adorable Valentine’s Day gift ideas at Target’s dollar spot that would be perfect for teachers. (Or wives, mothers, sisters, cousins, etc.) You can get these types of gifts at lots of stores for just a few dollars.

Coffee mugs & travel mugs are perfect for that caffeine boost before the first bell.


11. Sweet Organization

What a cute way to stay organized with pretty pink clipboards, planners and notebooks.


12. Wax & Relax

And I know that after a long day with my kids.. their teachers might like a soothing candle to help them relax.


You can check out these great ideas and more on my Pinterest Valentine’s Day and Gift boards.



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  1. This is a sweet post. I can see my son’s teacher doing jazz hands after receiving “Thanks a Latte”. I like every idea and now it’s about choosing which way to go. Cool thing is they all look so simple.

  2. Target’s dollar spot is where it is at this year! I was able to get their teachers multiple cute items! I love the Starbucks Thanks a latte idea that is adorable and I would like that myself!

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