I know it seems like it may never happen. But sooner or later the stars will align long enough for you to get a babysitter and escape your house with only adults.

Don’t let money hold you back. Date night doesn’t need to be expensive. Here’s how..

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Have A Picnic In The Park

When you plan a date the usual thing is to incorporate dinner. But the dinner doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be a couple of sandwiches, chips and a bottle of wine you throw in a basket and take to the park.

The park visit is free and the food is cheap. So spread out a blanket and soak up nature and each other.

Cool Tip: Not sure where to go? Go to Google and type in ‘local parks’ and you’ll get a list and a map of parks in your area.


Watch The Sunset

There are few moments more special and inspiring than watching a beautiful sunset. And it’s totally free. So pick a spot, snuggle up and soak it in.

Cool Tip: Need to figure out the time of the sunset so you don’t miss it? Go to Google and type in ‘what time is the sunset’ and you will get the exact time for your location.


Find Freebies

If you’re savvy, you can find a great restaurant deal for just about any night of the week. Lots of restaurants have 50% off nights or days and hours when kids eat free. Most places run these types of deals to get people in the door on weeknights. And although it can be a little harder to find them for Fridays and Saturdays, they do exist. EatDrinkDeals.com has a good list for Friday and Saturday discounts.

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Get Your Coupon

You know those coupon books you get in your mailbox? Not your inbox, but your old-fashioned mail box? They have lots of good deals for local restaurants and attractions. But mine either goes in the trash or sits in a drawer until they expire because I forgot about them or didn’t have time to use them.

But there’s a cool service called MobiCard USA that changes all that. It has all those great local (& national chain) discounts online where you can search for what you want, redeem and pull up on your phone when you get there. It’s like having a giant coupon book for all your favorite places right in your pocket.

What’s great about it is the ability to search for exactly what you want.. type of restaurant or activity and type of deal. And it’s so easy to keep and use. I’ve found great deals for date nights.. as well as activities for the kids and coupons for my favorite local bagel place!

There is a monthly fee for the service that pays for itself pretty quickly.

You can sign up for MobiCard USA here with my referral code.

(This link allows me to receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. My opinions of the service are authentically my own.)


Cheap Flick

Let’s face it, if you have young kids you’re probably not catching the movies you’re dying to see, when they first debut in theaters. We’re usually lucky to catch them when they make it to Netflix. But you can still catch a blockbuster movie on the big screen months after it came out for just pennies at discount theaters. Just search Google for ‘discount’ or ‘late run’ theaters in your area.

When  we lived in Atlanta we loved to go to a discount theater with $1.75 tickets. And the concessions were cheaper too!


Have a ‘Day Date’

Dates don’t have to be elaborate. They don’t even have to be at night.

My sweet husband recently asked to schedule a standing weekly lunch date with me because he misses me. 🙂  We are all so busy. Sometimes all we need is an hour to sit down and actually have a conversation. And lunch and a stroll downtown is much cheaper than a Saturday night out.


Pick Your Passion

My husband and I recently got a babysitter so we could run a 5K race together. Yep, we’re those kind of dorks. But it was a rare treat for us. We both like to run races, but we usually trade-off who runs them while the other watches the kids. But getting to do it together occasionally is important to us.

So whatever it is that you and your sweetheart like to do.. golf, kayak, video games, antique shows.. if it makes you happy to do it together, go do it!



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  1. Oh I really can’t remember the last time I went on a date outside the home. But we have regular dates inside the home after kids have gone to bed 😉.
    I liked your tip of picking a new hobby together would love to cycle, hike or kayak. Hope it’s not a distant dream!

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