Thrift Smarter – Get Great Clothes & Make Money For Schools

As hard as I try, I can’t get my kids to stop growing. I tried to get them both to stay around 3 years old (what a great age) but I couldn’t. They’re growing at such a rapid pace, my son grew from a child size 12 shoe to a big kid size 3 shoe overnight. Literally overnight. Keeping them in clothes that fit is a near constant struggle. So I often turn to thrift and consignment for good quality clothes that I can afford. And if I find a gem or two for me along the way.. yay!

And my new favorite way to shop gently loved clothes at a great price is a website called Schoola. Because I get great clothes AND make money for local schools!

It’s the ultimate win-win.

This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to receive compensation, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase. thrift smarter

How It Works:

In a nutshell, it’s thrift shopping in an easily searchable online format. And the best part is that some of the money you spend goes to benefit schools.

I recently got a bag full of awesome, like-new clothes for just $38.


For me, I found a pair of Athleta workout pants, brand new with tags (regularly $64) for $22.39 (squeal!!), and a Nike dry-fit t-shirt for $9.16.

For my son, I found a pair of cool cargo shorts for $9.60. And for my daughter I got an American Girl t-shirt for just $4.40 and an adorable denim vest for $8.64. I had no idea denim vests were back in style. Did you know? She wears it everywhere now!

Additional Discounts:

And I got $15 off my order because in addition to the already thrift store prices, Schoola offers discounts all the time. And if you sign up, they’ll email you great offers all the time!

Know Where Your Money Goes:

And you always know where the money is going when you’re shopping because you can see the specific school that will benefit. For example, you can see the sale of this boys t-shirt will help an elementary school in St Louis.


2 Ways To Help Schools:

In addition to shopping to get great stuff for you and support schools, you can also donate the clothes you and your kids have grown out of. And part of the money made from those items goes to the local school that YOU CHOOSE. So it’s a perfect time to do some spring cleaning for a good cause.

When you buy something from Schoola you will also get a huge bag you can fill and send back to them as a donation:


Or you can box it up on your own and print a FREE shipping label.


One Sunday afternoon I filled these two big boxes with clothes, attached the FREE shipping label and dropped the boxes at the post office the next morning. It couldn’t have been easier. I’ve made these kinds of donations lots of times in the past, but..

…this was the first time that I knew my donation would directly support my kids’ school and their education.

It’s a great feeling.






  1. I have never heard of this before! I love that a school gets a donation. The benefits of recycling are so important as well….we throw away too much stuff!

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  2. This sounds amazing!!! I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website, but I’m assuming they don’t do this in Canada?! If they do I want to start shopping!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is really cool! I already try and do a lot of bargain shopping, but mostly at actual stores (Ross, TJMaxx, etc). I will definitely look into this option now. Especially since my son just doesn’t seem to stop growing! =) Thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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