Spring is such a happy time, it’s like a breath of fresh air after a long, cold winter. At least it was cold if you live North of me. 🙂  That’s why spring cleaning is a thing. It’s a time to declutter, redecorate and start fresh.

Here are some ideas to brighten up your home for spring. And each one cost just a few dollars with this pile of adorable supplies I got at the Target Dollar Spot, a few more supplies from Dollar General and Walmart and items I already had around the house.

10 Spring Crafts


Spring Place Settings You Can Make For Pennies & Other Spring Crafts


1- Napkin Rings – Total cost $2 for 6-10

Supplies: Toilet paper roll, burlap ribbon ($1 at Dollar General), hot glue gun, chipboard embellishments ($1 for per sheet at Target)

Instructions: Cut the toilet paper roll to your desired thickness, cover the toiler paper roll ring with burlap and glue with hot glue gun, glue on the chipboard embellishment.



2- Place Cards – Total cost $1 for 3

Supplies: Cardstock, chipboard bunny clothes pin ($1 for 3 at Target)

Instructions: Print your guests’ names on card stock, clip the clothespin with the card stock onto burlap ribbon tied around silverware.

*Extra Tip: You can create custom labels with cute designs and print them out yourself for free on Labeley.com.



3- Decorative Kitchen Towel – Total cost $2 each

Supplies: Kitchen towel ($1 each at Dollar General), felt embellishments ($1 for several felt bunnies & $1 for several felt carrots at Target)

Instructions: Attach the felt bunny, carrots or any desired decoration to the towel with a hot glue gun. You could also sew them on with a bold color thread as a decorative detail.


4- Garland – Total cost $2

Supplies: Jute string, felt shapes ($1 for several felt bunnies & $1 for several felt carrots at Target)

Instructions: Weave the jute string through the felt bunnies’ ears. If you’re using shapes without holes like these carrots, you can punch a hole with a hole puncher to string the jute through.


5- Gift/Treat Bags with embellishments – Total cost $6 for 4

Supplies: White or other basic color gift bags (pack of 4 for $2 at Target), chipboard and/or felt embellishments ($1 per sheet or bundle at Target)

Instructions: This is so super simple and you can do it with just about any kind of cute embellishment you can find. I used a variety of chipboard and felt figures and hot glued them onto the bags.



6- Gift/Treat Bags with clothes pin tag – Total cost $3 for 3

Supplies: White or any color gift bags (pack of 4 for $2 at Target), chipboard bunny clothes pin ($1 for 3 at Target)

Instructions: Another cute and easy way to do gift/treat bags is to simply clip on a cardstock name tag with the clothes pin bunny. The added benefit is that the gift recipient can re-use the bag and the clip in the future for any purpose.


7- Easter Basket – Total cost $3 per basket

Supplies: Any basic Easter basket (This purple one was $1.88 at Wal-Mart), chipboard embellishments ($1 per bundle at Target)

Instructions: Simply attach a chipboard embellishment to the side of the basket with hot glue.


8- Easter Basket Filler – Total cost $1

Supplies: Felt stuffed carrots ($1 per bundle at Target)

Instructions: You can add these adorable stuffed carrots into any Easter basket for a cute and whimsical touch.


9- Rustic Wreath – Total cost $8

Supplies: Grapevine wreath ($4.74 at Wal-Mart), burlap ribbon ($1 at Dollar General), felt stuffed carrots ($1 per bundle at Target), jute string, chipboard bunny ($1 per sheet at Target)

Instructions: I started by wrapping some ribbon around the wreath and tying it in various ways but I took it all off. I felt the beautiful rustic quality of the wreath didn’t need much on it. So I simply tied a burlap ribbon bow at the top and added the carrots and bunny.

Tip: You could do a different version of this wreath with a wire wreath base that you cover with burlap ribbon and more embellishments. Take a look at these posts to see how:

Custom Front Door Wreath For Less Than $30

DIY Christmas Wreaths For Beginners


10- Picture frame – Total cost $1

Supplies: Picture frame, chipboard embellishments ($1 per sheet at Target)

Instructions: Simply stick chipboard embellishments onto your picture frame in any design you like for an adorable and easy spring look. If the embellishment doesn’t have a sticky backing, hot glue it on.


Have any other easy spring craft ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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