As a mom, I want to encourage my kids to be artistic, think outside the box and dream big dreams. And when they express those dreams on paper I love it and I want to keep every piece of it. Forever. But I can’t take the 10 pounds of clutter that has created over the past 8 years.

Thank goodness for technology. I recently started using the Keepy app, where you can capture and store your kids’ artwork, share it with family and friends and turn it into long lasting memories.

Keepy upgraded me to an unlimited subscription and extended me a credit for ordering the amazing photo books you will see below. All opinions are authentic and my own.

KEEP The Memories,

Saving  –  Sharing  –  Showcasing

Saving – How It Works:

First, the decluttering.


This is just a small portion of what you accumulate from two kids’ artistic expressions over 8 years. I was able to recycle probably 3 more mountains of papers, but these are the favorites that I had trouble parting with.

The first step is capturing and storing pictures of all these masterpieces.

1-Snap pictures of the art with your phone.

2-Add comments and audio or video.

Cool feature: This is one of the first really cool features of Keepy that sets it apart from other apps. In addition to adding comments, like the date it was made, you can also record audio or video of you or your kids talking about the art, what it is and why it’s so special.

Here’s my daughter explaining her artwork:

3-Save them to a folder you’ve created for each child.

Sharing – How it works:

1-Add family members and friends as “fans” so they’ll get emails whenever you upload a new piece of art.

2-Your “fans” like and comment on the images.

Cool feature: I love this feature because we don’t live near family so apps like this help me keep them up to date on what the kids are doing and it’s great for the kids to get feedback from their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

3-You can also share the images with the audio and video on social media. Just click the ‘share’ button at the bottom of the app to email, text, save to your phone or post to Facebook.

Showcasing – How it works:

1-Click on ‘Keepy Store’ inside the app and you will find tons of ways you can showcase your kids’ artwork from photobooks, cards and prints to coffee mugs, ornaments and even blankets.

Cool feature: The Keepy app is free. But if you’re planning to make some cool things for you and/or your family (great for holiday and birthday gifts!) I would recommend updating to the unlimited plan which is $5.50 a month or only $9.99 for the whole year. You will get unlimited storage and 50% off every product you order!

2-Choose the images you want to use and adjust them however you like for the product.

3-Order and get them in the mail.

It’s super easy and you can turn clutter into a cute gift or coffee table book like I did. With the 50% off I got from the unlimited plan, I was able to print larger sized coffee table books for both of my children for around $20 each.



Cool feature: I also got great customer service while making and ordering my photo books. The Keepy team noticed a few of my images wouldn’t look perfect the way I had them adjusted on the page, so they reached out to me to help. I sent them the original image files and they fixed all the photos for me so they would look perfect in the book.




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  1. This is perfect! I have an almost one year old and when she gets into art a little more then this would be perfect! Especially on days when we play with chalk outside! I’m someone who doesn’t like a lot of clutter so it will go on the fridge for a week then recycled.

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