There’s something in here for everyone.. no matter your budget, age, gender, relationship status.. if there’s a mom in your life.. or you are the mom who deserves to treat yourself.. check out some of these ideas for pampering and honoring your loved one for Mother’s Day.

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Absolutely FREE

Zero Budget

Dads, this section is for you. Even if you do have a bigger budget, you might want to throw in one or more of these for extra points.


1-Clean the mini-van (or whatever type of shuttle bus the mother in your life drives)

  Have you looked under those car seats lately? I suggest you don’t unless you plan on a deep cleaning. Because you can’t un-see that food-caked, sticky, snot-soaked dust pan of child life. Getting all the kids loaded into the mini-van for school in the morning (which is a feat in itself) will make her smile if she’s greeted by clean surfaces, vacuumed carpet and snotty tissue-free cup holders.


2-Do the laundry (all of it)

  There are few household chores that are more of a soul-crushing time suck than laundry. Then multiply that by the 3-4 times (if she’s lucky) a week that it needs to be done. Wash it, dry it, fold it and (dare I say) even put it all away. She will kiss you, if for no other reason than she now has one hour plus of her life back that day.


3-Make dinner (and clean it up)

  Some moms really enjoy cooking but the endless cycle of prepare, clean, prepare, clean can get a little mind-numbing. So (brace yourself) go on Pinterest, find a recipe you can easily handle without asking her a million questions like where is the cheese grater or how do you separate an egg, then prepare it while she relaxes, serve it (in nice bowls and plates) and clean up afterwards (the dishes and the whole kitchen).

Absolutely FREE (1)

Small To Moderate Budget


4-Coffee Makes Mama Awesome

It’s true. Coffee makes moms awesome. Mostly because if we didn’t have it, someone might die. 🙂 This cute mug is just $6 at Target.

5-Coffee Couture

You can also help her fuel up on the go with these super chic Kate Spade Thermal Mugs. The polka dot mug is just $17 and the floral mug is $18, both on Amazon.


6-Let It Grow

With this Buzzy Organic Herb Garden Grow Kit she can grow cilantro, basil, rosemary and oregano to put right in her amazing cooking. The set of 4 in this cute tray is just $20 at Target.


7-Bowl Her Over

These beautifully designed floral ceramic bowls are just $25 for a set of 4 from Target. And they have a whole line of dishware in this collection for great prices.


8-Picture Perfect Mom

Remind her why she loves being a mother with a compilation of family photos in a coffee table book. There are several companies you can use to make great photo books ranging from $8 to $50 and up, depending on how big and elaborate you want them to be. A few of my favorite companies for this are Chatbooks and Walgreens, which you can get great discounts for with their email offers.


9-Spa Day

Let the mom in your life get pampered for an hour or two. Sitting alone with soothing music is just about enough to excite some moms. And having someone wait on you hand and foot.. and buff, moisturize, massage and paint those hands and feet too.. that’s a dream come true.

Look for a spa in your area and see what packages they have in your price range. Chances are they’ll be running a deal for Mother’s Day too.

10-Home Spa

You could also give her the goodies to have her own spa at home thanks to Baubles and Beeswax.

B & B’s Bath Bliss contains sweet almond oil which absorbs into the skin and helps relieve inflammation and itchiness, and sea salt that softens the water and helps remove toxins from your pores. Each jar is just $14.

B & B’s Soaps look good enough to eat. You can pick mom’s favorite scent. There are 13 to choose from like Lotus Blossom, Chamomile and Lavender and my personal favorite, Eu And Pep. The soaps are all handmade with natural butters and oils. And only $8 each.

And nothing makes a bath more relaxing than B & B’s Candles. There are tons of different scents you can choose from and at just $8 each, you can put together a nice gift basket with candles, soaps, and bath bliss. And I would suggest adding a bottle of wine too. 😉

Big Budget


11-KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This beautiful KitchenAid stand mixer will make baking a lot easier. And hey, that’s a win-win for everyone. This is $280 on Amazon and comes in several colors.



Let someone else do the vacuuming for once. This Roomba robotic vacuum will set you back $300 on Amazon.


13-Apple Watch

Help her stay on time and organized with this beautiful Series 2 Apple Watch in rose gold from Amazon for $348.


14-High Style Handbag

Yes, that’s a peacock. And it’s on a stunning $548 Kate Spade handbag. Need I say more?


15-For the Pro Mama

A sleek iPad Pro will help the super mom in your life handle all her schedules, meal plans, shopping lists, and everything else under the sun. This 12.9″ 32GB version is $800.

Crazy Budget

These next two sections are for the dreamers. Because if you have the money to buy these things, you’re probably not reading a frugal blog. 🙂 But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.


16-Apple Watch-Hermes Edition

If a regular Apple watch isn’t good enough for the incredible mom in your life you can get this Hermes edition. The swanky upgrade will cost you $1,300.

Off The Chain Budget

17-Luxury Spa Resort

The Gili Lankanfushi spa resort in the Maldives is the ultimate, secluded, luxurious experience literally right on top of gorgeous blue waters. It was voted one of the 35 most fascinating spa resorts in the world by Villas start at $1,328 per night.

Mother's Day Gifts For EVERY Budget


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