You probably know I LOVE after-holiday shopping. You can see it in my previous posts after Halloween and Christmas. It’s pretty much the only time I buy holiday items, when they’re 50% or more off in the days following the holiday.

While grocery shopping at Walmart recently I wasn’t even thinking of after-Easter shopping until I saw the tons of Easter items they still had. So I grabbed a few things and took pics of a few others to give you some ideas on how to take advantage of these great deals.


The most obvious thing to do is to save the clearance items to use next year. And the good thing is you could find enough items to totally set you up, so you won’t have to pay full price for anything next year… except for the candy. I would not suggest holding candy for a year. 🙂

Above you can see great options to use for next year including:

1- Easter baskets

2- ‘Grass’ basket filler

3- And lots of Easter decor

I couldn’t resist this cute wooden bunny for $2 and my kids love the window clings that I got for just $1 each.

4- Spring decor

The best thing is to get items you can use right away. After Easter, there are still a few weeks left in spring so unless it actually says Easter on it, I think all these decorations can still work great.

I’m in love with this rustic wreath bunny (above). You can hang it on the front door or use it with inside decor. And it was only $5.

5- Nursery or kids’ room decor

I found so many sweet things that would look absolutely adorable in a baby nursery. I mean, I almost wanted another baby just to decorate a nursery. Seriously, just look at that sweet plush lamb! And it could work for boy or girl rooms. Adorable goes with any gender. 🙂

6- Birthday party decorations/supplies/gift bags

I got two packs of these super cute, multi-colored paper straws for just 50 cents each. I plan to use them for my daughter’s unicorn-themed birthday party.

And these tutu and superhero baskets could be great gift ‘bags’ for party guests.


7- Gift it

I love giving cute kitchen utensils as gifts. You could take the Happy Easter tag off these adorable spatulas and pair them with a bag of cookie or cake mix as a gift to a friend or your kids’ teacher.


8- Gift bag/basket filler

Stores have tons of Easter ‘grass’ filler left and they’re now super cheap and come in lots of cute colors. You could use it as filler for gift bags or baskets throughout the year. I grabbed 4 bags at just 50 cents each.


9- Table settings

This would be a cute and functional way to display napkins and utensils for a spring dinner party or just for everyday convenience on your dining table. I grabbed two of these cute bunny baskets for only $2.44 each.


10- Storage

And this is where the second basket went. My daughter confiscated it for toy storage. It’s an adorable and simple way to gather up some special toys.


Good luck after-holiday bargain hunting & Happy Spring!


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