Teachers are the unsung heroes of life. They put up with our kids all day, love and nurture them and teach them to become smart, responsible and kind humans. That’s exhausting with just my two kids, I can’t imagine multiplying that by ten.

So Teacher Appreciation Week or the end of the school year is a chance to tell them how much it all means to us. Here’s a few super affordable gifts that you can give teachers to say thanks.

End Of Year

All the supplies are easy to find and most are from dollar or craft stores. And you can print the tags for FREE right here.

Teachers Are Building Blocks For Bright Futures

I simply hot glued plastic building blocks to a plain wooden picture frame and inserted the printable.

The frame was from a three pack at Hobby Lobby for just $3. You can use any frame with a flat surface.

The Lego-like building blocks were $1 per package in the Target Dollar Spot. It took various pieces from three different bags to complete the frame. You can use actual Legos if you have some already and you (or your kids) are willing to part with them for the project.

As you can see above, you can use the printable to go inside the frame or you could use it as a gift bag tag and put something else in the frame.

Tip: Position the blocks on the frame first to make sure you have the right fit and combination before starting to glue them all down.


Thanks For All You Do To Polish Young Minds

You can get glass drinking bottles like this at tons of stores. This one was $1 at The Dollar Tree.

Simply put some nail polish and an emery board inside and any other nail polishing supplies you like.

Tip – Make sure the polish will fit in the bottle before buying them. It can be a tight fit.


Teachers Quench The Thirst For Knowledge

This is another Dollar Tree glass drinking bottle.

Simply put a variety of Crystal Light drink mix packets inside and tie the tag to the outside.


It’s About Time To Splash Into Summer, Thanks For A Great Year

Remind them that summer break is right around the corner with an ice tea pitcher filled with summer essentials like a beach towel, magazine, sunscreen and sunglasses.


Teachers Help Paint Bright Futures

Put them ahead of the game for next year or perhaps some adult coloring books over the summer with this jar of colored pencils. You could also fill it with sharpies or dry erase markers.


Teachers Feed Hungry Little Minds

What’s that saying, ‘The quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach?’ Try saying thank you with a salty treat like popcorn. Put it, or any type of food treat you want, in a gift bag using this cute Eric Carle inspired tag.

I found these adorable Eric Carle gift bags on Oriental Trading. But you can use any type of bag.


Chill Pill

For a sweeter treat, put jelly beans, starburst, skittles or any type of candy you choose in a jar.

You can print this tag on sticky label paper (like you see here) or simply print it on card stock and tie it to the jar.

The inspiration for this gift came from Cook Craft Love.

Click on the images below for the FREE Printables.

www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (2)www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (3)www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (4)www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (5)www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (7)

www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (6)www.FrugalFloridaMom.com (8)Summer style guide


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