As school winds down so does the dance season. And I am so thrilled with my daughter’s dance teacher this year. She’s kind and caring, patient and fun.

It’s such a blessing when your kids get a teacher or instructor who doesn’t just teach them, but also connects with them and inspires them.

So I came up with a couple of ways to show dance teachers and our little dancers that we appreciate them.

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All of these gifts are fun, easy and super affordable. And to make it even easier you can grab your free printable tags here.



Dance Teachers Like You Are ’Tutu’ Good To Be True

You can do a lot of things with this type of gift. I put some cookies and Twix inside a Ball mason jar. You could put lots of stuff in it that you think they would like.

For the tutu around the rim of the jar, I simply tied pieces of tulle to a beige ponytail holder. This is really easy but very time-consuming. I decided to do two tutus, one a little longer to go on bottom and one with shorter tulle to go on top for a layered look. In all, I would estimate it took about 100 + pieces of tulle.

I bought the tulle at a craft store for just a few bucks a roll.

Tip: If I were to do it over again I would not choose tulle with glitter on it. Ever. Again. As you can image, I swept up a big pile of glitter when I was done and I lived with it on me for a couple of days, even after showering.

As a finishing touch, I punched a hole in the tag and tied it on the jar with a piece of jute string.

You can get the free printable here:

Dance teachers like you are tutu good to be true! (1)

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Thanks For Keeping Me On My Toes

For this gift I simply filled a cute glass drinking bottle from the dollar store with items for a home pedicure including cotton balls, nail polish and file.

And again, I simply punched a hole in the tag and tied it on the bottle with a piece of jute string.

You can get the free printable here:

Thanks forkeepingme on my (2)

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Dancing Makes Life Sweeter

These are the gift bags I made for my daughter’s dance classmates. It couldn’t have been easier. I simply put some candy in a cellophane bag.

Then I just folded the bag down and stapled the tags on.

You can get this free printable here:

DancingMakesLifeSweeter (1)

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Dance Teachers Touch Lives One Step At A Time

I like this picture so much I thought it looked great in a frame. You can print it to any size.

You can get the free printable here:

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I hope your little dancer or their dance teacher loves these.

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You can also check out my teacher gifts with free printable tags here:

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