Get patriotic on a budget this 4th of July! I love making simple and cheap crafts with my kids to celebrate Independence Day. Check out our crafts and get free printables to make your own.

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Fourth of July is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to take my kids to see fireworks like we do every year. We go to Sanibel Island and pick a spot on the sand to watch fireworks over the water. It’s just beautiful!


And we like to go all out and make it a party. Last year I picked up a few silly accessories.

And you have to have a flag to wave, right? We like to make our own in this super simple and cheap way.

Step 1

The kids color their own flags on card stock.

I help them get started by drawing the square and lines on the paper using a ruler.

They color two full pages of card stock each, to make a front and back for their flag.

We also use stickers for the stars. Or you can have your kids draw their own.

Step 2

I roll up a piece of construction paper to use for the flag pole…

Putting tape on the outside so it won’t come unrolled.

Step 3

I put the two flag pages together with the flag designs facing out…

Then put the flag pole inside the pages at one end…

And staple it all together.

Tip: You can also use hot glue instead of staples, depending on the look you want.

Step 4

Proudly wave your flag!

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Don’t have time to have your kids color your own flag? Or maybe you have a baby too young for coloring? You can download this free printable flag and staple it on your DIY flag pole. Just click the image to get the download: (3)

And if you like the look of this flag but want your kids to put their own mark on it, you can download this free printable version without color and let them color it in. Just click the image to get the download: (1)


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I hope you have a great 4th of July!

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