Get your crib (your house, not your baby’s crib) ready for 4th of July with this super simple paper chain craft.

I got the inspiration from something I saw at Michaels for $20! But $20 seemed a bit too steep for me so I made my own for free!



All the supplies are super simple and you probably already have them at home.




Card stock

Paper cutter or scissors

Stapler or glue



1- Download the free printable sheet of flag designs below (click on the image to get the download).

*Print the design page on card stock once, then turn the card stock over and put it back into the printer to print the same design on the back.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ (1).png

2- Cut the card stock into four strips, 2 stripes and 2 stars.

*It takes 4 pages to make a 39 inch chain


3- Staple or glue the end of the strips together to make rings, looping each ring through the previous ring until you have the length of chain you want.





I hope you have a great 4th of July!

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