If you’re really looking to cut spending, you can do it. But it may take a real, hard, honest look at what you’re spending your money on.

Some of these suggestions are no-brainers. Some are a little harder. And some might make you mad that I’m even suggesting them.

But maybe you’ll find a few ways to save a little money.. and help your health and the planet in the process.

1- Manicures & pedicures

  Look, I love a spa day as much as the next mom. But getting those hands and feet professionally pampered is pretty expensive. Especially if you have a 6-year-old diva in training like I do, who loves to tag along.

  But I’ve found that pampering us both at home for a lot less money also creates some awesome mommy/(diva)daughter bonding time.

2- New clothes

  I get it, sometimes you just have to buy brand new clothes. You need something specific or the kids have grown out of their fifth pair of shoes this year and you need their exact size quick.

  But for everything else, try secondhand first. There are more places than ever to get gently loved (and designer) clothes that will save you a ton of dough: thrift stores like Goodwill and The Salvation Army, online thrift stores like Schoola and ThredUp and online designer resale sites like Poshmark.

3- Books

Don’t close this page or throw something at your computer.. I’m not suggesting going without books. On the contrary, my family goes through several books a week. And we get them all for free.

Don’t forget your local library as a great resource for (even new, best-selling) books and movies and magazines!

4- Designer coffee

  Make your own coffee at home and take it with you. You’ll also help the planet by using your own re-usable coffee mugs instead of one-use paper cups from a coffee shop.

5- Designer smoothies

  I love a good smoothie. And it’s crucial that I have a protein shake after a workout. But I had to ditch the $6 smoothie for the money and because I couldn’t be sure what all was in it. I feel much better (and save money) making my own at home.

  My go-to after-workout drink is: 1 banana, 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, a handful of spinach leaves, 2 cups of almond milk and 2 cups of ice cubes.

  You can find lots more smoothie and shake recipes here on my Pinterest board.

6- Toys

  Trust me, your kids already have more than enough and they will get a ton more from family and friends every birthday and holiday.

Instead of toys they’ll forget about in an hour, we reward our kids with fun experiences. After they reach 50 stars on their chore chart, they get a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or the water park, with coupons I’ve saved. It’s cheaper in the long run and you have a lot less clutter.

7- Plastic bags

  Any single use plastic you can cut out of your life, the better it is for the planet. And that’s in addition to saving money.

I used to buy plastic sandwich bags constantly for storing food, toys and lots of other things. Now I use reusable Tupperware style containers instead.

In addition to avoiding plastic shopping bags and plastic straws, we have drastically cut down on our plastic waste.

8- Fast food

  This doesn’t need much explaining. We all know it’s not good for us.

9- Soda

  We all know this is bad for us too. If you’re not sure, check out Wellness Mama’s 10 Reasons To Avoid Soda.

10- Processed foods

  This can not only be a money saver, but so much better for your health. I’m working on cutting down on processed foods by making my own stocks, sauces and seasonings. Find recipes to make your own here.

11- Bottled water

This is also a money & planet saver. There are tons of great reusable water bottles out there. And some are great at keeping water cold all day. So fill them up before you leave the house to save the money and avoid the plastic.

Have more ideas? I’d love to see them in the comments below!


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