Going back to school can feel chaotic for kids and parents. Check out these ways to get clothes, snacks and schedules organized for a smooth transition.

I’ll cover some awesome ideas for organizing:

1- Homework time

2- After school schedules (with free printables!)

3- After school snacks

4- Clothes (with free printables!)

Homework Station

Organize everything your kids need for homework in one cute and convenient tray or caddy. You can likely find a tray or basket around your house already (or 5 of them if you’re like me 🙂 )

Then grab containers to organize your supplies in. I’ve used mason jars but you can use cups, glasses, recycled aluminum cans (carefully!). I would suggest putting a dot of glue or sticky tape on the bottoms of the jars or glasses to keep them from sliding all around your tray.

Then load them up with what your kiddos will need. In ours I included pencils, colored pencils, rulers, scissors, hole puncher, highlighters, erasers, pencil sharpener, glue, sticky notes and a calculator.



Here are a few more examples from Pinterest. I just love this blue multi shelf caddy from Design Improvised.

And here was my inspiration for using a serving tray, this adorable homework organizer from Polka Dot Chair.

And this is a super simple and cheap idea from Simple Made Pretty. If you don’t already have a tray or a basket to use you can pick up one of these caddies at Walmart or a dollar store.

After School Schedules

My kids do better with structure and with homework, bath time and other things that have to get done, it’s best to make a schedule. It also helps cut down on the whining about screen time because they know how much they get and when they get it.

So I made this printable schedule for our fridge (below on the left). You can print mine or you can print a blank, customizable version (below on the right) that you can tailor for your needs. Just click on the image to download.


After School Snacks

It never fails, each day after school, this is the conversation.

My kids: “I’m hungry.’

Me: “Eat a snack.”

My kids: “What can I have?” – “Where is it?” – “I can’t find it.”

Cut down on the asking, searching and whining by organizing after school snacks. This idea from Eazy Peazy Mealz couldn’t make it any easier. Just get some bins (or preferably use ones you already have) and load them with approved snacks with an easy to see label.

This idea from Little Family Fun to use a shoe organizer is also super easy and cheap and can be used for after school or anytime snacks.


If your kids need to wear uniforms to school, it definitely makes things a lot easier and cuts down on the decision-making and frustration. If you don’t have uniforms though, help them grab their clothes and go in the morning with a hanging clothing organizer labeled for each day like this idea from 40 Eighteen. It can be a real life saver and helps even the youngest students do things on their own.

You can print these easy to use day labels below. Just click on the image to download, print, cut and tape them on to any organizer you choose to use. There are two versions depending on how much printer ink you can/want to use. Because that stuff’s expensive!


Do you have a great back to school organization hack? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

Have a great school year!

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