I have to admit I am a procrastinator, but and ambitious procrastinator. Case in point, I found this awesome table at a yard sale for just $10 and had grand plans for a DIY refurbish.

And guess what I did this weekend, NINE MONTHS after I found it?! Hey, better late than never, right?

This was my fabulous, frugal find. $10 at a yard sale. It was a little wobbly but I loved the design, detail and size.

The first thing was to make it more sturdy, which just consisted of tightening all the screws.

This was what it looked like after a good sanding. I used a basic sanding sponge that I found tucked away with a bin of painting supplies in the garage.

I chose Valspar furniture paint from Lowe’s. Because I knew absolutely zilch about what paint would work best, I figured the one designed for furniture was probably a safe bet.

I picked Sweet Mint for a clean, feminine look. (Sweet Mint is 5005-5B in the Valspar paint colors.)

I used a few paint brushes I had leftover from another project and this is how it looked after one coat. Not good. You could still see a lot of the original brown wood underneath.

I let it dry for a day and applied a second coat. It looked a lot better but I still wasn’t happy. If I wanted a bit of a rustic look the second coat would have been fine. But I wanted a clean and polished look so this (below) is after the third coat I put on later the same night.

And after letting it dry for a day, I moved it into the house. I’m going to use it as a little desk/work area in my bedroom.

I’m super happy with it. Truth be told, if I paint another table I will pick one with a more simple design. The decorative legs took quite a bit of time to paint. But this table sort of chose me so, what are you gonna do?

It can also be used as an entry way table or sofa table. There are a lot of options. So I think this refurbished piece will be in our home for a while.

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