I recently learned a fun fact.. kids LOVE playing Bingo. My kids played it at school and came home raving about it. So I thought it would be a great game to play at my daughter’s birthday party. And it was a HUGE hit.

I wanted to make a unique Bingo game to tie into her birthday party theme. That’s how this Birthday BINGO printable pack was born.

Birthday Party BINGO

It’s designed for 7 players at a time. We had lots of kids interested in playing, so we did 7 at a time and played multiple times and gave a prize to each winner.

The printable set includes 7 playing cards and one page with all of the fun game images that include birthday cakes, owls, rainbows, balloons and lots of other fun animals and objects.

All you need to do is:

1- Print the playing cards on card stock.

Tip: Print 2 to a page for the perfect size.

2- Print the image page on a full sheet of paper or card stock.

3- Cut out the images and fold each one, placing them in a basket, jar or bag.

4- Pull an image card out one at a time and have players mark off the squares that correspond.

5- The first person to mark off all the squares on their playing card wins.

Click here to download the Birthday Party BINGO printable pack for FREE:

Unicorn Birthday Party Treasure Hunt

Another game kids love is a treasure hunt. This one is created specificly for birthday parties. Kids will have a blast with these and you can give prizes for completed lists.

Tip: Print these 2 to a page to make them the perfect size for little hands to carry around.


Click here to download the unicorn birthday party treasure hunt for FREE:


Prize Bucket Sign

And for a fun way to display prizes, print this PRIZE sign and tape it to any bucket, box or basket.


Click here to download the party prize sign for FREE:

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