My daughter definitely inherited my love for crafting. I mean, she has her own Pinterest account. At 7. So the more crafts we can do together, the better. Here are some super simple Halloween crafts that we did, that you can do with your kids too.

Holiday Wreath Kids Can Make

This idea came from The concept is super simple, tie strips of ribbon in various colors and styles to a wreath.

My 7-year-old daughter did this craft by herself. All I did was help her cut the ribbon and fill in a few gaps.

And it turned out super cute.


Cut your ribbon pieces as long or short as you want for your desired look.

The thinner the ribbon, the more you’ll need and the longer it will take. The inspiration wreath was done with much wider ribbon and probably took less time and also looks very cute.

You can use this concept for any occasion, just adjust the ribbon for Christmas, Easter, your favorite sports team colors, etc.

Easy DIY Bats For Kids

My daughter and I have made a ton of these paper roll bats, inspired by They’re so easy, so cute and my daughter loved picking out the perfect silly eyes for each one.

You simply glue black paper around a toilet paper roll, fold it down at both ends, stick on some silly eyes and cut out wings.


Upcycled Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

These ghosts inspired by are the easiest thing to make and what’s even better, they reuse leftover milk jugs.

My daughter had a blast drawing on the eyes and mouth for the ghost face, and that’s really all there is to it. Drop in a battery operated light and instant ghost.


Mason Jar Mummies

These mason jar mummies, inspired by, are also super easy for the kids to make. All they need to do is wrap gauze around a mason jar, leaving some gaps, then stick on jiggly eyes. Drop a battery operated light in these too, to turn on the spooky vibe.


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