According to, physical activity not only helps kids build strong muscles and bones and control weight, it can also help them sleep better, be more academically motivated and successful.

So, while you’re making New Year’s resolutions for fitness and better health, take your kids along for the ride.

3 ways to get kids running

One of the ways I get my kids moving is to get them running. My husband and I often run 5K races and we’ve started challenging our kids to do them too. Here’s how.


1- Make it a family affair

Kids learn so much by watching their parents. And they’ll learn a lot from what you deem important.

We make running an important event in our house, participating in 5Ks at least twice a month. Even if we aren’t all participating, the whole family comes along to cheer.

Some races also include fun activities for kids like bounce houses and face painting. It might help to start off by choosing races that include these types of kid-focused incentives.

2- Make it fun

Even if the race doesn’t have kids activities built in, you can add some fun to the event on your own… by dressing silly, taking along their favorite stuffed animal to run with them, or planning a fun activity afterward as a reward.

Around the holidays, we pick a lot of holiday-themed races like a ‘Reindeer Run’ or ‘Santa Walk.’ And this year I made ‘Rudolph Running Club’ t-shirts for the kids to get them a little more excited.

3- Bribe them

I’m not embarrassed to say I also bribe my kids to run. I got the idea from our school’s PE coach who’s also on American Ninja Warrior. I’d rather pay my kids for things that will make them healthier than give them an arbitrary allowance.

I pay my kids $1 for each minute they run. In our last fun run they each earned $9. And we’re hoping to increase that next time.

How do you get your kids motivated and moving? Let me know!

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