This valentine combines unicorns and sweet treats. Perfect for my daughter’s classmates this Valentine’s Day.

I always prefer to make my own valentines instead of buying a few in a box for $15.

You can download and print these for just a few pennies, in the comfort of your home.

And check out my link for these perfect lollipops. 

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1- Download the file (at the end of this post)

2- Print and cut out unicorn card

3- Cut a small slit in the card, at the top of the unicorn’s head

4- Insert a lollipop through the slit, so the stick is on the backside of the card

5- Tape lollipop stick to the back of the card


>>> Download the Unicorn Lollipop Valentine PDF file here <<<


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8 Comments on Unicorn Lollipop Valentine Printable

  1. I am trying to download the unicorn and each time I type in my e-mail and hit download now, nothing is happening? These are super cute and I would love to send them to school with my daughter!

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I emailed you a pdf of the valentines. Please let me know if you need any other help. Hope your daughter loves them!

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