We’ve all been there… whether you’re a mom or not… at our breaking point. And it’s usually self-inflicted.

How To Spot The Signs Of A Mom Breakdown & How To Cope

We add one more thing to our to-do list that’s already too long…

Agree to do one more favor when our calendar is already packed…

Sign up for one more workout when we really should rest…

Volunteer for one more project when we’re already about to collapse.

But for a lot of moms, doing these things is second nature and we do them without thinking of the consequences. And by the time it’s too late, we’ve hit total exhaustion and our last nerve snaps. And guess who gets the brunt of that? The husband and the kids. Because we’ve ignored the signs…

Snapping at everyone… including the children who are perfect angels.

JK, if they were perfect angels it would probably take us a lot longer to break down. 😉

Collapsing in the middle of the day.

Hey, I’m all for a nap, but when you can’t keep your eyes open by 10 am, maybe you need more than a nap.

Randomly bursting into tears.

Having another drink, or two, or three.

Before it gets to absolute armageddon, try to keep mommy monster at bay.

Talk to someone. 

I’m an introvert, so talking to people even on a good day it’s sometimes hard for me, but when I dump all my worries on someone else, I feel lighter. And I’m sure they really enjoy it too. 😉

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Take a nap. 

I think we should all nap every day anyway. Let’s embrace that as a culture. BRB, I’ll finish this post later.

Take a day off.

Sure, you may still need to go to work. But when you get home, tell hubby to handle the kids or get a babysitter, put on your yoga pants, put your feet up and watch some trashy TV. And why not add some chocolate. Yes, definitely chocolate.

Ask for help.

Your husband, a friend, a family member. Find someone who can handle a few things on your to-do list.

Say no.

Take some things off your to-do list altogether. Saying no to something is better than doing it poorly or letting it push you off the deep end.

Tell the aspiring Pinterest mom inside of you to sit down and shut up for a while.

No, you actually don’t need to make custom shirts for every kid in your son’s class for President’s Day.

Breathe • Relax • Repeat


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