Of all the chaos in the world, and all the chaos in our own house with two young, growing, rambunctious kids… the drive to school in the morning is kind of a special time for me. It’s a few minutes without video games, TVs, loud toys, running, yelling, screaming (if we’re lucky), when my kids and I can really talk. We talk about the day ahead, upcoming plans… about everything from the lunch menu to what they want to be when they grow up.

But whatever we talk about, the last thing I always say to them before they hop out of the car and disappear into the crowd of kids is, “Be brave & kind.”

They’ll face some of the toughest challenges throughout the next several years… peer pressure, bullying.. not to mention math and science. And if I can arm them with a little bit of those two qualities, I feel they’ll make good decisions.

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And I want them to remember our mantra even when they’re not with me. I want it to empower and inspire them. That’s why I got my daughter this beautiful, personalized notebook with those special words on the front.

She loves to draw pictures, write down her thoughts and send notes to her friends. This notebook is perfect for that. And with the pretty design, she loves it and wants to take it everywhere.

We got it from Just So Posh. It’s great quality and they make it so easy to customize to your style.

They have tons of options and give you the ability to choose every little detail through the designs, colors, and fonts.

And they have a ton more products too! Everything from notebooks and journals to backpacks, beach towels, and home decor. And you can personalize it all to your style.

Check out all that Just So Posh has to offer here.

And tell me what values you want to impart to your kids. Do you have a family mantra? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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