I take money very seriously. I also take fitness very seriously. And because I work out 5-6 days a week, I need a lot of workout clothes because I DO NOT want to do laundry any more than I have to. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for good quality fitness gear at great prices. I NEVER pay full price for any item, not even the essentials like a great sports bra.

Below you’ll see some of the awesome outfits I’ve put together for just about any type of exercise.. running, weight training, tennis, etc.. and each outfit is under $40, some are way under $40.

Affordable Workout Clothes - 8 Outfits Under $40 & Where To Find Them

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How I Find Name-Brand Fitness Clothes Cheap

1- I stalk resell websites for great deals on gently used, name-brand pieces. My absolute favorite site for this is Poshmark. I’ve also gotten a few items from eBay.

2- I check thrift websites including ThredUp and Schoola.

3- When I need something very specific or new, I go to outlet stores and specifically stick to the clearance rack. Outlet + clearance = crazy good deals.

4- I DIY some tops with my Cricut, for a design I’m dying to have and can’t find anywhere or I don’t want to pay top dollar for. My favorite blank workout tank to customize is from Happy Crafters.

5- I also occasionally find some good quality items at thrift stores, when I have the time to dig for them.

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Poshmark is a resell site with name-brand and high-end brand options. And many key factors make it my go-to site.

1- It includes a great way to communicate with the seller and ask questions about the item they’re selling.

2- You have the option to make the seller a lower price offer. They can also offer you a lower price and a shipping discount after they see that you’ve “liked” their item. This can get you an even better deal.

3- The shipping fees are very clear for the seller and the buyer.

4- Your money is held by Poshmark until you receive the item and acknowledge that it’s in good condition, the way it was advertised in the listing. Only then does the seller receive your money.

The only drawback in my experience is the shipping cost. $6.49 for every item seems a little high. But it does ensure fast shipping. And the great thing is, sellers can offer you much lower shipping.

So, my best advice is… “like” an item then wait for the seller to offer you a discount + lower shipping.

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How To Score Great Workout Clothes On Poshmark

Tips For Getting Top Quality On Resell Websites

Obviously, you need to be careful when buying on resell websites to make sure you’re getting the best quality and fit. It’s not like buying from a store where you can return something that doesn’t fit or you just turn out not to like that much. So you need to be really sure about it.

1- Make sure you already know the style and type of clothing fit you well. This is not the time to experiment something new.

For example, I know that the quality and fit of Old Navy Active capris are perfect for me, so I seek them out and buy them often.

2- You need to be confident of the quality of the item. You need to see pictures of it from every angle. If those pictures don’t exist, ask for them. And if you don’t get them, walk away. And even with lots of pictures, you might need to ask the seller additional questions.

For example, when looking at running shoes it’s important to ask how many miles the seller ran in them. They could look pretty and clean on the outside, but the cushion inside could be worn down.

3- Beware of photos that look a little too good. Some people post pictures of a product from the brand’s website, but not of the actual product they own. Make sure it looks like a real item owned by a real person in their real life.

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Affordable Workout Clothes - How To Get Name-Brand Fitness Pieces Cheap

Thrift Websites

ThredUp is an online thrift store with searchable, good quality secondhand clothes and accessories.

Schoola is a lot like ThredUp, but with an added purpose. Some of the proceeds go to local schools.

1- You can occasionally find name-brand options on these sites.

2- And you’ll know that the items are good quality because they’ve been checked and vetted by the company.

The drawback is that you’re not communicating one-on-one with the seller so you can’t ask questions about the quality or previous use. All you have to go on is the description.

So, my best advice is… buy a few lower cost items from these sites to begin with to make sure you’re happy with them in terms of quality, shipping, and customer service.

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