Gift giving can be stressful and expensive. And the last thing you want is to spend money on a gift that your loved one won’t really use.

I always try to give my family gift ideas that I will get a lot of use out of. That’s why I’m filling my wish list this Christmas with crafting supplies that I can’t afford or just won’t get around to buying for myself.

If you have a crafter in your life… or if you’re the crafter looking for a way to treat yourself… here’s my ultimate list of Cricut accessories, supplies, and vinyl that all crafters would love.

Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide - 30 Accessories, Supplies & Vinyl Under $30

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For beginners

If your loved one doesn’t already have a Cricut, that’s where you need to start. I love my Cricut Explore Air 2.

Cricut Explore Air 2 - Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide

For a little bit more, you can find some great Cricut bundles that include the cutting machine as well as tools and vinyl, perfect for the beginner. You can find bundles with everything someone would need to get started creating from mats and tools to pens and vinyl.

Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide

If you want to get the absolute latest and greatest, you could spring for a Cricut Maker which allows you to also work with fabric.

Cricut Maker - Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide

Start Creating With Cricut On A Budget - What To Buy First & What To Save For Later

For someone just starting out with a Cricut, there are some basic tools they’ll need. Check out my post on getting started with Cricut for a longer list of necessary tools. For a gift, I would suggest a set of basic tools.

Cricut tools - Ultimate Crafters Gift GuideAnother must have for a Cricut beginner is a mat. I would suggest the set of three mats you can use with different types of material.

Cricut Mat - Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide


Fun extras

After the basic tools, there are a bunch of extras that are cool to have for Cricut crafters, like pens which are great for creating greeting cards and addressing envelopes for special occasions.

Cricut pens - Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide

Another cool tool that allows you to create HTV projects on smaller objects like coffee mugs, is the mini iron.

Mini iron - Ultimate Crafters Gift Guide

And for someone like me whose eyesight is getting worse with age, a Bright Pad would be great for difficult weeding projects.

Cricut Bright Pad - Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide

Taking it to the next level

If your loved one already has a Cricut and loves making projects, they might be ready to take it to the next level. If they’re ready to create high-quality shirts, etc. that they might want to sell… then they need a heat press.

The heat is much more efficient, reliable and creates long-lasting products.

This is the exact press that I have been using for about a year and I love it.

Heat Press - Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide

Screen printing is a fun option for making shirts that look a bit more rustic.

You can see my easy to follow screen printing tutorial here.

There are a few supplies you’ll need including screen printing ink, screen print frame, a squeegee and painters tape.

Screen Printing With Your Cricut Or Silhouette

Another method to try is glass etching. It’s much easier than you probably think it is.

You can check out my easy to follow glass etching tutorial here.

You’ll need glass etching cream, a paintbrush, and rubber gloves.

Glass Etching With Your Cricut Or Silhouette

The fun stuff

Some people dream about handbags and shoes (ok, I dream about those too)… but I also dream about vinyl. Beautiful vinyl. There are some seriously gorgeous heat transfer vinyls that I would love to make shirts with, but I rarely splurge on them. Which makes them perfect for gifts!

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Rainbow holographic

Rainbow holographic heat transfer vinyl - Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide

Holographic pack



Glitter pack


Iridescent pack


Rainbow iridescent



Rose gold

Rose gold glitter 😍

Unicorn rainbow swirl

Bright flower patterned

Warm flower patterned

Tie-dye patterned

Lilly Pulitzer inspired patterns


Glow in the dark

Sticky Vinyl

Metallic pack


Iridescent pack


Glitter pack



Bright pattern pack

Paisley pattern pack


Black & white flower pattern


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Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide - 30 Accessories, Supplies & Vinyl Under $30

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