Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?! Especially as a kid… with all the candy!

I love making unique valentines for my kids each year.

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This year my son is obsessed with Fortnite, so I made a few options for him that tie into the game.

If you have a Fortnite obsessed kid, you can download and print these right at home. So easy! And much more affordable than the valentines sold in stores!

Fortnite Valentine Printables

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Valentine’s Day Loot

This one is my favorite. I don’t understand a lot about Fortnite, but I know the loot llama is cute. I mean, what llama isn’t cute?!

By turning it into Valentine’s Day Loot… you can pretty much pair it with any kind of candy… or even non-candy gifts.

Loot Llama Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables

Just print the page of loot llama printables (below) on card stock and cut them out. I put mine inside these cute iridescent treat bags and added a piece of candy.

Loot Llama Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables

You could add them to any type of bag, or just tape the candy right to the card. That’s why I love printable valentines. You can make them as elaborate or as simple and cheap as you want.

Loot Llama Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables


This is a much simpler design that you can print and cut. You can tape a piece of candy or small toy to the card or attach the card to a gift bag.

#SquadGoals Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables
#SquadGoals Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables

Click here to download Fortnite Valentine Printables.

Fortnite Valentine Printables

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Fortnite Valentine Printables

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