Is your child obsessed with llamas lately? My daughter sure is!

Every so often, it seems some new adorable animal starts popping up everywhere putting us on cuteness overload. And lately, it’s the llama.

So I created these adorable valentines for my daughter to give to her friends this Valentine’s Day, as well as a few more for the unicorn and pineapple lovers (because we both love those too!).

And each one has a positive message about being yourself, being strong & kind… and being llamazing!

4 Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message

You can grab the bundle of all 4 pretty printable valentines here to download and print right at home.

You're A Llama Fun Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines

You can pair these valentines with a sweet treat, a candy-free treat like pencils or stickers, or simply write a sweet message on the back.

You Are Llamazing! Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines

I wanted my daughter’s valentines to have an inspirational message, whether it’s about being yourself and standing out from the crowd like this unicorn valentine…

Be A Unicorn Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines

Or this pineapple valentine about being strong and kind.

It’s something I remind my kids all the time, to be strong and brave & kind. And I love the idea that they can pass along that message to their friends with these valentines.

Be A Pineapple Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines

You can skip the trip to the store to pay $15 or $20 for a package of valentines that lots of other kids will already have.

You can download and print these unique Valentine’s Day cards right at home for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Click here to get the bundle of all 4 pretty printable valentines with a positive message.

4 Pretty Printable Valentines

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